Film: 6816

Dance | 1920 | Sound | B/W


1920's dance styles and trends, show how hard the dancers worked.

Weeklong dance marathon obviously been going for a while - couple dancing slowly, some women leaning on partners, more men draped on women, one man actually asleep on partners' shoulder, exhausted, drops down and girl hauls him up.
In a ball room, a couple perform on dance-floor, crowd gathered around to watch.
What looks like the backstage of a theatre, auditions possibly for chorus line - wearing shorts and loose top, dances the can-can, splits etc, while someone plays the piano, and several men watch critically, lots of other girls wait behind her, she ends on the floor. A close up of one of the men watching.

The next girl does a similar routine, the men watching encouraging her to kick higher, she does back-flips and somersaults. Another girl dances - she wears a head scarf - and spins energetically, Chaine turns? More girls watch behind her.

Practising on stage (in London?), in costume, a 'leading lady', man, a group of 'onlookers' - the scene appears to be the set of a party - the chorus line comes in and practises their moves, dressed as Flappers.

Backstage again, the girls rehearse out of costume following a man doing the moves in front of them, they look like they're doing the Charleston. '... Did you have to work harder in the 'twenties to reach the top...'.

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