Film: 6819

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Close up painting of Elizabeth I. Illustration of Elizabethan London, the Tudors. Actors in Elizabethan dress going to the theatre, two women with small millstone collars, with their husbands walk in front of houses. Period themes of adventure and exploration. "Principal Navigations" Michael Drayton (Poet) Scale model of Elizabethan theatre. Theatre spectators with various sizes of millstone collars on watching " Henry V ". Looking up, close up of man wearing millstone collar. Courtiers wearing large collars, behind balcony of theatre. Religious drama . Illustrating Shakespeare. Influence of Plutarch. Scholars, Oxford, Cambridge. Thomas More, Francis Bacon. Courtiers or patrons and their homes. Fencing. Faerie Queen rehearsal. Elizabethan dramatists. Scene from Henry V.

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