Film: 6826

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Caldey Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Monastery, interior of church. Monks in white habit. Cistercians. Tractor pulling cart. Dock, boat, loading cattle in crates. Tenby, beach, riding horses on beach. Town wall, gateway and cars. Pembroke Castle with sheep grazing. Tennis playing, amateur. Radio set on grass. Milford Haven Docks. H.M.S. Warrior, hulk of first ironclad 1859. Fishing dock, baskets, barrels, fish warehouse. Seagulls, eating fish. Natural arch on coast. St. Govan's Chapel. Wishing well. Lily ponds at village of Boshington? St. David's Cathedral. Geese. Interior shots.

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