Film: 6828

Transport General | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A history of Steam Road Vehicles .

Early cars, a museum . The wheel ( history of) engraving of coaches and horses, sedan chairs. Ravincos? drawing of wheel and replica. Engravings of wheeled ships, steam engine steam powered cars. Atmospheric engines. Joseph Aineaux's ? piston engine car, close ups of parts. William Murdoch's steam pressured model vehicle shown in action. Richard Trevithick, engraving of him, working replica model of his steam engine. First full sized British road vehicle. Nathan Reed ( USA Diagram/ plan of his hand carriage engraving of Oliver Evans (1805). His working steam powered vehicle. Early cartoonists's drawings of steam vehicles. Goldsworthy/ Guerny steam powered coach, engraving and working model, only made one journey. Close-ups of working parts. Pictures of other unsuccessful steam coaches. Still photos of early steam train engines. Locomotive Act of 1861. Italian steam carriages Museum. American steam cars. A abllee, 1873 steam engine and car, close-up of parts. Inventin of independent front suspension. Other French steam cars.

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