Film: 6832

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Paris, France.
Les Halles market. People dining in a restaurant at 4AM. Fruit market, porters, warehouses, stalls, market porters, people looking around market. Fish markets, crabs, butchers stalls. The market is moving to outside Paris near Orly airport, with modern facilities. On the motorway. Paris streets, trams, traffic congestion. "Every year there are 100,000 immigrants from the provinces and abroad (arriving in Paris)". New construction alongside old buildings. New towns to satellite or suburban Paris. New buildings going up. Paris metro extended with the same digging machine that will build the Channel Tunnel. Canals and cathedrals. Artists on the Seine. Cleaning of public buildings. Place de la Concorde. The Louvre before and after cleaning. Arc de Triomphe. Street cafes.

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