Film: 6834

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Examples of three types of women who jeopardise their husbands career ! 1940's (I really don't know what to say)
Example A - the newly wed bored housewife who keeps telephoning her husband at work and insisting he tell her he loves her. The conversations are overheard by the husbands boss who is not impressed that he is using company time to talk to his wife. No chance of promotion!
Example B - the over enthusiastic wife caters for her husband's poker game at which there are some influential men. She has set the poker table for them with lace tablecloths and a flower arrangement. She decides to read a book on a nearby seat just in case the men require anything. She decides to clear up at a crucial part of the poker game and she empties out the ashtray containing a newly lit cigar. The guests are not impressed. She then brings in a cake and drops it by accident in the middle of the poker table.
Example C - the helpful wife helps her husband to avoid military service and the call up !!! During world war two - draft dodging ! She squirts vinegar into his eyes so he cant see properly, she hits the balls of his feet with a cricket bat to give him flat feet, but in the military medical his injuries are found to be false.
Extraordinary film with good sarcastic sexist commentary throughout.

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