Film: 6837

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Sneezing powder comedy 1900's Hepworth
Teenage boy puts powder on hair brush, and spreads it around bedroom. It is sneezing powder. Man gets out of bed and stretches and yawns. Man is dressed. He moves to mirror and brushes his hair. He sneezes violently and breaks the mirror. Table falls over and some clothes fly in the air. He sneezes again and his bed tips onto its side. Outside with him dressed in frock coat he sneezes outside ironmonger's. The boy watches, as a table collapses. Boy laughs, jumps in the air and waves his hat. Another sneeze and hanging baskets fall and narrowly miss passers by. Shopkeeper leaves shop, and he and three customers make chase. Man sneezes and camera shakes from side to side, an earthquake effect! Bicycle falls over. The man clutches at lamp post and grabs a fence as the camera still rocks. Another sneeze, lamppost falls over. Policeman falls through and breaks fence. Ten men run up to help policeman. Sneezer runs off. Boy skips after them with the sneezing powder. Man rings doorbell, sneezes, panels of door collapse and iron railings lean away from house. Angry woman comes out of house. He sneezes and her hair / wig flies into air. More people chase man with a dog. Boy skips round corner.

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