Film: 684

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A short clip of British jazz / swing group Harry Parry and his Band. It is possibly an excerpt from 'Swing-o-nometry' (8153 and 837).

As the band begins a tune, we see, from left to right in the foreground, the tenor saxophonist Jimmy Skidmore (JS), clarinettist Harry Parry (HP), trumpeter Dave Wilkins (DW), and unoccupied vocalist Johnny Green (JG); behind them, from left to right, are double bass player Sam Lounow (SL), drummer Sid Raymond (SR) and the two unoccupied female vocalists Primrose Hayes and Rita Marlowe. A close-up of HP taking a solo. We return to the previous view of the whole group, except for the pianist. HP finishes and almost dances leftwards off-screen, leaving DW to the right of centre playing a tumpet solo, with the female vocalists in the background. DW playing, with JS just in view on the left, HP with his back half-turned to us as he faces the drummer SR, and JG seated to the right, clapping. A close-up shot of DW.

A close-up first of the tenor saxophone itself, moving up to the neatly moustached face of JS, as he takes a solo, with HP in the background looking on with interest, and breaking into a smile before he joins the chorus; the camera moves to the right to concentrate on HP, with the saxophone just visible on the left and the shoulder of DW on the right. A more inclusive view of JS, HP and DW in a row, with SR on drums behind.

We return to the previous shot of HP, before the camera glides leftwards to the pianist York de Souza (YdS), moving downwards to his hands on the keyboard alone, then returning to the previous shot of him. A view of the rest of the group, with JS, HP, DW and a seated, clapping and foot-tapping JG in the foreground. SR takes a drum solo. Back to the previous shot of the main part of the group, as they bring the tune to an end. After the music has stopped, we see SL laughing and spinning his double bass.

A repeat of the above clip, except that as they play out, instead of seeing SL spinning his bass, a credit for Paramount and 'The End' appear.

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