Film: 6840

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Features excellent footage of and narration about American children and summer activities in the 1950's.

00:00:20 American classroom scene, five school children sit and work at their desks and the word “Summer” written in chalk on the blackboard or chalkboard, a blonde boy named Peter sits at a desk in the foreground drawing or colouring a picture of two farmers. Close up of child's crayon colouring of a girl and boy farmer (Peter and his sister Jane). A child's crayon colouring of Peter and his dog fishing with Peter's father. A child's crayon colouring or drawing of a farmer in overalls holding the hands of two Jane and Peter.

00:00:56 Farm scene, two small children, Peter and his sister Jane, run towards a red barn away from the camera towards their Granddad. Jane and Peter embrace Grandad on the farm and all walk to a white wooden fence. Brown and white horses trot on a farm towards the camera. Brown ponies in a field, camera pans from left to right. Jane and Peter climb onto a white wooden fence on a farm. Jane and Peter pet horses while standing on a white fence with Granddad. Close up of Jane, Peter, and Granddad watching the horses. Horses in a grassy field. Jane stands in a horse pen with a brown horse in background. A horse and young pony eat grass in a field, Jane walks towards the horses holding a metal bucket or pail and is followed by another horse. Close up of Jane feeding horses from a metal bucket. Nice close up of Jane feeding the horses. Peter, wearing a plaid shirt, feeds two goats. Jane, Peter, and Granddad in a field of hay walk towards the camera. Farm landscape with a tractor and fields. Jane, Peter, and Granddad stand in a field of hay, exit the scene left. Jane, Peter, and Granddad feed sheep in a pen. Close up of Peter feeding sheep and lambs, camera pans right to Jane petting the sheep. Close up of sheep. Grandpa picks up a black sheep as Jane hands it feed. Close up of Jane smiling. Close up of black sheep held up by Granddad, Granddad sets the lamb down. Close up of Jane and Peter with the sheep. Field on right, Jane, Peter, and Granddad walk into the scene of the left walking away from the camera and along the dirt road along the field. Jane, Peter, and Granddad walk on grass away from camera in background with tall grass visible in foreground and sit down on the grass.

00:03:33 Jane and Peter sit in a strawberry patch picking strawberries. Close up of strawberry picking. Jane and Peter sit in the patch picking strawberries. Jane and Peter sit in a typical 1950's American kitchen, their Grandmother or Granny takes a pie out of the oven. Jane and Peter sit at a kitchen table are served pie with large glasses of milk and smiles on their faces. Close up of Jane eating pie. Close up of Peter drinking milk. Close up of Jane eating pie and drinking milk.

00:04:29 Child's crayon drawing of Peter’s father, Peter, and their dog Caesar fishing. River scene, with a green leafy tree at right and a rushing river on left, Peter, his father, and their dog (a Dalmatian) enter on right carrying fishing poles or fishing rods. Close up of rushing water. Peter, his father, and the dog Caesar stand alongside a rushing river to fish, they walk left and set down their pails. Close up of Peter, his father, and the dog, the father takes the leash off the dog (who then exits scene to the right) and Peter and his father prepare to fish. Close up of fishing gear, including attaching a small fish to a hook. Peter with a red baseball hat. Peter casts his fishing line into the water, the father stands up and casts his fishing line into the water. Peter fishing. Close up of spotted frogs or toads. Close up of a bluegill fish (a species of freshwater fish also referred to as bream, brim, or copper nose) underwater with freshwater plants. Peter fishing. A red and white ball on the fishing line in the water. Peter in a red baseball hat. A red and white ball on the fishing line in the water. Peter in a red baseball hat. A red and white ball on the fishing line in the water, a fish takes the bait and the line pulls up a fish. View of Peter and his father fishing. Close up of taking a fishing hook out of the mouth of a catfish, the fish is tossed into the water. Peter in a red baseball hat fishing. A green grasshopper. View of Peter and his father fishing. Boy in the red baseball hat slaps a mosquito on his neck. Blue sky and clouds. Close up of a panting Dalmatian dog. Close up of a man (Peter’s father) wearing a brown plaid shirt and black rimmed glasses takes of his shirt. A young duck cools itself in a pond. Blue sky and rolling clouds. View of Peter and his father fishing, the pick up their buckets and leave as it starts to rain. Rolling clouds and a darker sky.

00:07:24 Close up of a child's crayon picture of a girl and a boy in a cornfield. A cornfield, camera pans left to two children in a vegetable garden pulling vegetables. Close up of Jane wearing a straw hat. Peter in a cowboy hat picks vegetables. Close up of plants, potentially beetroot. Close up of a field of flowers. A yellow flower and a bee. A pink flower and a bee. Bees in a beehive and honeycomb. Close up of cherries on a cherry tree. Close up of red cherries. Close up of red raspberries. Close up of a bird eating red berries. Close up of a brown squirrel eating an acorn amongst fallen leaves. A chipmunk eats blue berries amongst yellow flowers. A black and yellow butterfly. A green or yellow butterfly on a yellow and orange flower. Jane wearing a straw hat picks a bouquet of colourful flowers. Close up of Jane picking flowers, she smiles and smells the flowers. Jane wearing a red and white-checkered shirt arranges flowers into a vase at a picnic table. Close up of the flowers and vase.

00:09:01 Backyard scene of a family having a barbecue, the father stands at the left at the grill while Jane and Peter stand at the right at the table, their mother enters the scene from the right bringing in a platter of food. Orange sunset and clouds. Jane, Peter, and their mother at a picnic table with a red and white checkered tablecloth. Jane and Peter at the picnic table, Peter tosses the salad and Jane passes a plate to her right. Close up of the Dalmatian dog Caesar. Family sits around the picnic table enjoying hotdogs, the father feeds the dog from the table. Peter roasts a marshmallow over the open coals of the barbeque. Peter blows on the toasted marshmallow. Orange sky and sunset. A child's crayon drawing of a farmer, two children, the sun, and yellow field, a child's hand colours the red dress of the girl in the picture.

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