Film: 6841

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Western China.
Stocking wheat sheaves. Temple. Goats standing on tombs. Cheng-Tu, royal city. Rickshaws and street scenes. Oxen ploughing, planting. Waterwheel irrigation. Man powered water wheel. Map of irrigation canals. Mills and grinding wheat. filling baskets. Weighing balance. Street market, vegetables. Bamboo cutting. Wheelbarrows, chairs, baskets, trays, ropes. Chopsticks, food. Family eating. Bridge of bamboo. Sedan chairs. Pipes of tobacco. Potting on wheel. Silversmiths. Silk manufacture and weaving. Silk looms. Shop with silk. Mulberry trees. Hydro electric plants. New electric light. Telephone. Film show. Motor bus. Doctor, writing prescription. Herbs. New X-ray machine. Aerodrome and mechanics. Tilling field. Town scenes and walls of town in western China.

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