Film: 6842

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A profile of Italy's natural features and its post-war economy.

Map of Europe, the word Italy is written in bold over the peninsula and the word Mediterranean spread over the Mediterranean sea. Zoom into Italy; the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic seas are marked on the map. Shot of a rocky beach. The Alps appear on the map. Shot of the Alps. The Apennine Mountains are shown on the map. Pan of a small section of the Apennines. On the map, arrows indicate how the Apennines block the cold wind from the East; the left side of Italy turns a darker colour, to indicate its warmer climate. A circle appears around Southern Italy, which also turns a darker colour to signify its warm, Mediterranean climate.

Shot of rural Southern Italy, a valley in the Apennines. Typical farmhouse on a hill. A woman picks oranges from a tree. Man grabs her basket and they walk away together in the orange grove; Mount Vesuvius, the volcano, dominates the background. Mount Vesuvius is pointed out on the map. View of the gulf of Naples. Port of Naples, men pushing barrels, unloading trucks. A ship, people walking by. The market place. People walk past, women feel fabrics. New building, very modern look compared to the previous street scenes. Once again, the Gulf of Naples.

Rome appears on the map. Bridge over the river Tiber. The ancient Roman forum, a museum, the University. Saint Peter's basilica. Closer shot of Saint Peter, three priests walk past. Piazza di Spagna, a man sells flowers on the steps. Couple examines the flowers. Close-up of the flower salesman, a government employee and a university student. High school students on their way home after class. The camera follows three of them as they buy chestnuts on the street from an old lady, they walk down a busy street, reach Hadrian's tomb and the bridge of Sant'Angelo; from there they look down to a rowboat in the River Tiber.

Back to the map: the River Po Valley is highlighted. Long shot of the green, fertile valley. Field of mulberry trees. Man examines silkworm cocoons. Men in a field with shovels. Italian farmer sows wheat by hand; he feels the crops with his hand and looks in the distance with a self-satisfied air. Irrigation of rice crops with a canal system; man stirs the canal water with a shovel. Bigger canal. Shot of a stream, a waterfall and the Alps (origin of the Po river). Two shots of a hydroelectric power station. Train emerges from a tunnel. Map: dots indicate all the cities that benefit from the Po river economy, Milan is highlighted as the biggest industrial centre.

Square, modern buildings, cars and a tram. Passers-by. Close up of Mr. Gallo, typical citizen of Milan. The camera follows Mr. Gallo as he strolls through Milan and passes many factories. He enters the factory where he works: a silk factory. Mr. Gallo by an electric machine. He and his family eat dinner and chat gaily. His daughter turns on the radio. Green valley in the Alps.
The end.

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