Film: 6844

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Africa.
'The Standard' goes to press, editorial newspaper offices at Salisbury. Teleprinters receive world news. Sub-editor at work. Linotype operators, compositors at work. Rough proof checked. Rotatory plates. Start presses rolling. Offices and vans of Evening Standard newspaper seller. Umtali train station. President of Mozambique. Monica and Sofala trade display. Umtali agriculture show. Cattle breeds. Landazi Castle, medieval castle hotel, hunting party, guest admires tusks in hall. Tea on the lawn. Black maid. White people watch animals around water-hole. Pelley's workshop. Africans learn crafts. Queen Mother visits. Woodwork, sewing. Kariba, modern apartments, large shops, banks, hospital. Church, swimming pool, hotel interior, bars, dining room. Kariba dam being built. New road bridge.

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