Film: 6856

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Egypt, North Africa 1920's
A little village near the town of Minia on the banks of the River Nile with low-roofed houses and a mosque and church seen amid a palm grove. A dawn a man is seen riding his donkey, and sheep, goats, cattle, gamoose and camels are led outside the village. Women take earthenware pots to the well for water and carry their loads on their heads. Outside the school Omdeh, the Mayor meets the schoolmasters. Men plough the land with both tractor and plough pulled by balady oxen, cotton is planted and clover is picked to feed the cattle. Sheep are driven to a new pasture. Children make their way to school. On the flat roof of house the chickens and geese are fed. Meanwhile at school boys recite from their schoolbook. Girls learn to read and write Arabic. Women do the washing, make cheese and bread which is baked on an open stove, rather like large pancakes. Men in the fields take a rest whilst a man goes shopping for provisions and material for clothing. In the afternoon the children come out of school. A baby donkey and its mother go home while camels wend towards the village. A trail of people and their animals head homeward with farming implements. Women prepare the evening meal and the family eat. Later the Mayor and his guests sit in a circle outside his house to talk.

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