Film: 6862

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | B/W


1) "Les Arts" (The Arts)
The bearded and spectacled middle-aged artist Hucleux at work in his country studio at the foot of Hautil Hill (along the River Seine between Paris and Rouen). The artist walking up the hill. Shots of a cemetery with graves and statues of the Virgin Mary. The hyper realist artist working on a large painting with the cemetery as its theme. Profile of his face and close ups of paint in palette and brush work.
2) "Le Batiment" (The Building Trade)
a) "Urbanisme" (City Planning)
Fairly static footage of derelict streets and buildings around the Lyon Railway Station in the Bercy district of Paris. Architectural models of River Seine and new residential and commercial buildings planned for the area's redevelopment.
b) "L'aeroport Charles de Gaulle" (The Charles de Gaulle Airport)
Pan and static shots of the current state of construction at the terminal. Lots of large concrete buildings in various states of completion. Shots of individual welders and painters at work on exteriors. Shots of parking, passenger and hanger buildings. Interior shot of approach control building with air traffic controllers with telephones at radar screens. Interior and exterior shots of control tower.
3) "L'ethology" (Ethology)
"Le Professeur Chauvin"
Next to a field with a couple of horses in his country laboratory (farmyard buildings), the middle-aged white haired Professor Remy Chauvin talks about ethology: the science of animal behaviour. Close up of his books translated in various languages. Close up and pull away shots of ants going about their business in his laboratory enclosure; some ants proceed along transparent tubes. Close up of waterwheel bucket apparatus for measuring the power of work done by ants. Close up of mice (rats?) in a litter box. Final shot of exterior of laboratory and horses.
4) "La Prehistoire" (Prehistory)
Team of sculptors and artists reproduce in exact detail the prehistoric drawings found in the Lascaux grottos in southern France. Above ground shots of countryside and three artists in pot-holing gear (lamp headbands on protective headgear) leaving building to descend into caves (which are closed to the public). Back in the studio they use the triangulation process (despite difficulties of the uneven cave surface) to reproduce the drawings and paintings for a forthcoming public museum at the site. Outside different pigments are put on rock and / or plaster samples to made a perfect colour match. Bulldozers and earth moving equipment prepare the site for the museum. Final shots of reproduced drawings of Lascaux animal art.

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