Film: 6874

Royalty | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Life of George VI 1930's

Buckingham Palace, London. Queen's Guard and Beefeaters. Very early footage, approximately 1900, of George with his brothers and sisters (in naval suit). Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Funeral of Edward VII. George in naval service. Marriage to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, (the Queen mother), in 1923. Public service tours. King George VI playing sport and operating a film camera. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

Royal Crest - Intertitle 'the events leading up to the coronation of his Majesty George VI followed each other with strange sequence'. The dim shape of a castle through trees. The castle walls - large windows, battlements, a shot through the doorway into the courtyard. A funeral procession (Edward VII's?? Or George V's?) outside the gates of Buckingham Palace seen from an elevated side view. Soldiers with shiny helmets, high boots and swords at their sides marching slowly in front of men in black plumed hats and long double breasted dark coats. A crowd is kept behind more men in black with bayonets held upright. Different shots of the procession and men in field marshall's and beefeater's uniforms with black arm-bands tied around their lighter-coloured coats. The procession seen from above, moving up the steps to the doorway of a church, three women veiled in black on the steps. The Palace, seen through a metal work gateway, then from a distance, across a street. Lines of beefeaters. Close up pan over three men in black hats with wreaths around the brim, coats with clusters of medals and high rounded collars holding poles with golden tassels. Crowds outside the Palace. Westminster Abbey, close up of the clock tower moves down. Aged priests in surplices with embroidered cloaks holding bouquets with the old ladies in black coats and hats (Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary?). Two young men (Princes Edward and Albert?) ride through the square formed by the assembled soldiers. Both are in uniform, one wears a feathered cap, the other a beafeater's hat. A flag with the royal emblems flying.

Intertitles - born in 1895, the King's earliest years were spent in close association with his brothers and sister. Three of the royal children, the two boys in sailor suits and boater hats stand to attention, one has a (pretend?) rifle in his hand. Next to them, their sister (Mary) in a white dress and hat, looks straight into the camera. The young Prince practises different positions with his rifle - over his shoulder etc, then turns stiffly and marches off.

Intertitles - 'the Diamond Jubilee of his grandmother Queen Victoria'. Crowds leaning from stands and crowding the streets in front wave their handkerchiefs as the carriages pass by - one carriage, drawn by eight horses, is open, with three ladies, one in black and two in white. The royal carriage - gold trimmings around the doors and windows of the black carriage with statues in front, passes the camera with footmen and a mounted escort.

Intertitles - 'Funeral of Edward VII'. Shot from above of sailors marching close together passed crowds of people in black. A royal herald, and the field marshalls, the man in front carrying a flag dropping on its pole.

Intertitle - 'With his father George V' - the shape of a battleship against a cloudy sky. Two ships wreathed in smoke on the horizon, one explodes in a dark cloud. The Union Jack on the St George's Cross flies from a masthead. George V in naval uniform saluting an officer as he climbs aboard from a railed ladder, two older men, one in naval and one in army uniform follow, and behind them is the young Prince Albert (George VI) in naval uniform. The men seen standing on deck with a huge canon behind them.

Intertitle - 'his Majesty with the Royal Naval Air Service during the War Years'. The Prince marches through a line of men with three older officers, stooping to shake hands with a young man with a row of decorations on his chest.

Intertitle - 'his Majesty's marriage to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923'. A gold-tassled carriage and a man in a long robe and hat salutes as he holds open the door for Lady Elizabeth, who is seen from the side, crossing the picture in a wedding gown, her train held by a maid of honour. The carriage with a mounted escort parades through London streets - various high-angled shots and from behind the crowd. The Prince and his wife on the balcony, smiling, the Prince in uniform.

Intertitle - 'the years following his majesty's marriage were given to Public Service, at home and abroad'. Brief close shot of the Prince in a top hat and Lady Elizabeth in a bonnet and fur coat meeting someone on a bridge with spectators. Girls in bonnets and the front of a line of applauding people as the Prince walks towards the camera with a portly man in waistcoat and watch-chain. The Prince, seen from behind, signs a book near some stone slabs. The Prince with a priest, head bowed in conversation as they walk down a half-built railway track. Seen from above, the Prince and Lady Elizabeth on the gangway of a boat, a Salvation Army poster in the background. Shot of the Prince and his wife with the captain. A pan over some long rowing boats, filled with people, floating idly. A passenger steamer drawing up to the quay. Side shot as Prince Albert and Elizabeth cross the gangway.

African tribesmen with painted chests and faces, loin cloths and spears - the picture is split into vertical stripes which turn to form a new picture of a battleship decked out with flags. A harbour, people hang out of boats among the mooring posts to wave Union Jacks as two boats with men in naval uniform standing to attention on deck draw near. A shot from down the harbour wall, a steamer and lots of smaller craft, all packed with people, as the Prince, followed by Lady Elizabeth, climbs up, giving a salute to the Field Marshalls who greet him. Palm tree fronds and garlands on the shore. A procession, then the Prince and his wife climb the red-covered steps to listen, with other dignitaries, to a man who is giving a speech into a round microphone. The battleship form the front, the Prince and Elizabeth at the rail, then descending, seen over the shoulders of the soldiers who raise their bayonets in salute.

Lady Elizabeth appears on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, smiling proudly, with the baby Elizabeth in her arms. The Prince stands behind them, and Queen Mary next to them, holds a white parasol over mother and child. Lady Elizabeth and the Prince climb into the door of a bi-plane, a marker next to the steps says 'Brussels'. Seen from the side, the biplane has a propeller engine on each wing and a cabin with space for passengers behind the pilot's cockpit. 'Draco' is painted on the front and 'GAD' towards the tail.

A round concrete building with high glass windows set in behind pillars at the front , a royal crest at the top, and Union Jacks outside. Lady Elizabeth holding flowers, a lady in black takes her hand, curtseying. At an airport - a sign behind says 'Voyager Partout' (Morocco or Algeria??) and in front the Duke and Duchess of York greet people. Closer shot of the Prince smiling shyly and of Elizabeth in bonnet and striped fur collar. A parade, people hold up a black embroidered banner, and behind a man, dressed, as are the others, in full a white gown with head and neck covered, carries a golden mace. Close up of the Prince in the same outfit in black, the wind blowing the material hanging down from his head, back across his shoulders. Elizabeth, also in the black costume, looks delightedly around.

The Prince, in top hat with an umbrella, crosses a cobbled street , motorcars and people in the background, to shake hands with a man in army jacket, tight tartan trousers and a feather cap, who holds a sword up before him. The Prince walks towards the camera, escorted by this man, through ranks of soldiers dressed similarly. In the background is a pub sign for the 'Cambridge Bar'.

The Prince and Lady Elizabeth beside a small, white haired man, bare-headed in an ermine robe. The Prince in a kilt with others, the first bearing a cushion. A ceremony outside, another man in ermine robes (mayor?) with George V, doing something with a small chest on the table before them. Lady Elizabeth shakes hands, clasping a big teddy bear. Behind, Prince Albert meets a judge in a wig, and a mayor in chains. A photo line up with George V in the centre with a golden mace in the shape of the crown. Close up of Elizabeth and the mayor. A group photograph of officers with ladies in summer dresses, another close up of Elizabeth among them.

Intertitle - 'Aspects of his majesty's Interest in Industrial Welfare and Sport'. The Prince, in front of a machine with a workman in overalls tending it, questions a balding man who stands with him. A demonstration of the machine; as a tap is turned on a chute of water gushes out of the end of a series of metal tubes of varying thickness with curl out of the floor and are supported on a metal platform to shoot the water down. Close up as the Prince peers at the mechanism. Rows of men, sitting as if for a school photograph. At the front, one man makes movements with his hands and the others imitate. Close up as the Prince, in a short sleeved shirt, laughing as he does the actions which look like beating imaginary drums, trumpet playing, and something with hands crossed across the chest. The men all fall over in a line like dominos. The Prince kicking a ball around with a lad in shorts. The men crowded around a car. A movie camera with two reels above the viewfinder, on a stand. The Prince winds its handle, filming a running race. A game of tennis, doubles, the Prince serving energetically. Lady Elizabeth, with a friend, watches from the stands. A speeded up film of the game. The Prince, in plus fours and golfing jumper, tees off, watched by a crowd, including a policeman. Lady Elizabeth with flowers, Brownies in a line as she passes. At a fairground, the Prince then Elizabeth throwing balls, handed to them, at a shy. The Prince in a high hat on horseback. The Duke and Duchess of York walk through a crowd, the Prince takes off his hat to them. Meeting People, Lady Elizabeth is shown some cloth. Lady Elizabeth in a silk dress, pearls and tiara.

Intertitle - 'Last but not Least, his Majesty's Daughters, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Rose'. The two small Princesses as toddlers in matching dresses standing between the guy ropes of a tent looking at the camera. Their parents are behind, the King in a kilt, and Lady Elizabeth leads the Princesses away, her arm around Elizabeth's shoulders. Side view of the Princesses, a little older, in matching coats, walking beside their mother in a visit. The King and Queen smile and wave behind flowers.

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