Film: 6875

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Mammals 1960's

Stills of volcanoes and dinosaurs. Crocodiles, elephants, zebra, close up of lizard running in hot weather, lethargic in cold. Hamster in leafy burrow, digging etc. Close up of lizard and position of it's legs. Deer, mountain lion, jumping up rocks. Diagrams showing the difference between reptilian and mammalian ears. Close Up of lizard's teeth, close up of hamsters teeth, dog and dog skulls, looking at teeth. Crocodile skull. Diagram showing different brain forms of reptiles and mammals.
Close up of a beating heart. Diagrams of reptile and mammal hearts.
Herd of deer in winter. Lizard laying eggs and close up of eggs. Hamster with hairless blind young. Cow giving birth and licking calf. Close ups of calf and piglet suckling. Duck billed platypus. Spiny ant-eater. Opossum embryo like young in opossums pouch, with young in tree. Kangaroos with joey in pouch. Puma, toothless anteater. Bats hanging from cave roof/flying. Whale, coyotes eating dead rabbit, deer eating leaves. African children, man and small child carving wood. Africans walking, cycling alongside traffic.

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