Film: 6880

London | 1940 | Sound | B/W


London Transport during World War Two 1940's

The Tube, buses, trolleybuses. Good shots of streets, buildings, housing. Bank Of England. Long point of view or travelling shot form a suburban train. General views of the London Underground. Commuters.

Including underground tube trains, LT and SLT buses, trolley buses. Rail stations, tube stations, bus stops and Victoria bus terminus.
"This film was put in production during the days when the Blitzkrieg on London started. Production went on, just as the people of London went on, with bombing at its worst. Barrage balloons, steel helmets and gas masks - but little else - show the presence of war. People just carried on."
An outside underground station - probably Metropolitan line (out west). A London Transport tube train pulls away from the platform. GVs of moving trains. Buses pass by in Central London (No. 16). A number 657 tram is powered by overhead electrification. "London Transport" is clearly visible on the side of a bus. A map of London, a circle around central London. View of Tower Bridge seen through the arch of London Bridge. View of building s at Bank - people walk near the underground sign. London taxis and buses on streets (in Westminster?). Greater London is illustrated on the map. A milkman wearing a cap and striped apron delivers milk to a terraced suburban house. General views of housing - 30s terraces, apartment blocks, estates and blocks of flats. We see people's shadows on the pavement as they walk. On the map, arrows point from Greater London towards the middle to show that most people commute in to work.
Engineering sequence of parts being made for London Transport buses and trains. A tube train goes through an automatic wash (like a car wash at a petrol station). Engines are worked on and tyres are changed. A bus is filled with fuel. A dial with hands records the volume in gallons.
Big Ben clock tower. The Palace of Westminster as seen from south of the river across the Thames. Transport workers go into a bus depot. Conductors and drivers walk between the buses. Tube drivers get into their cabs and shut the doors. Smoking chimneys viewed from the Thames. View of a very 1930s style brick built underground station. Concertina shutters are pulled open at the entrance. People begin to enter the station. On one wall is an air raid notice, and people carry gas masks. Commuters walk past - men and women - some carry briefcases. People board the tube train. The sliding doors shut. The tube train leaves the platform (an overground station).
A passenger train moves through countryside. Views of the passing fields and trees. Montage of travelling shots as we get nearer to London, passing houses and going through towns. Low angled shot as tube train passes camera (still overground). GVs including signals.
People stand waiting as a bus pulls up. Men and women (lots of hats) crowd to get on. Close ups of feet on platform and the stairs. Buses at Victoria - lining up outside the rail station. People queue to get on. GVs of buses, drivers and conductors. Buses move into the busy London streets and into the West End.
Passengers wait on the platform of an underground station as the tube arrives. People get off and follow the "way out" signs through the tunnels. They get onto escalators with a sign at the bottom "to street". Close up of feet getting onto the wooden steps. View of commuters going up on the escalator as the camera goes down next to them. People reach the top and a man picks up his bag (of tools) as he steps off the moving treads. People get their tickets out as they begin to leave and show them to the ticket collector. People go up and down stairs in and out of the tube station. GVs of streets at Bank (?), St. Paul's Cathedral. Pedestrians in various London streets. Close up of feet walking. Commuters crossing London Bridge. Images superimposed of commuters and transport general views.

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