Film: 6881

Natural History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Elephant hunting 1930's

White men on horseback followed by black African natives on elephants. Elephants pull wagons through stream and up hill. Large elephant pushes down tree, coaxed by its rider. Elephant lifts dead tree out of the way. Night time camp scene, campfires. Chain of natives, carrying supplies follow white hunter on horseback. Herd of elephants is spotted - 10 to 20 animals. Elephant washes itself in sand. White hunter beckons as natives crouch down and make their way surreptitiously through grass. White hunter explains strategy to native. Natives undo packages and pull out ropes. They bind legs for protection. Medium shot of half-grown elephant calf. White hunter cocks rifle for native. Hunting party advances. They run towards herd. Elephants panic. Natives catch up with isolated calf. The chase. Rope elephant's legs. Elephant tied to tree. Elephant lunges at native, breaks free. Elephant is restrained using ropes. It flails about and lunges. Elephant uproots the tree and is free again. Natives run away. Elephant is restrained again, flanked by tame elephants, the calf calms down. Calf tied to larger beasts. The party proceeds back to camp.

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