Film: 6885

Aviation | 1940 | Silent | Colour + B/W


War time amateur home movie film of local Air Training Corps (ATC) Squadron, parades, inspection and physical education 1940's

ATC boys band marching in uniform, drummers to the fore, schoolboys in blazers and shorts run along with them, a couple pushing bicycles. ATC standing to attention on lawn by track, table draped with Union Jack in front of them; warm spring day, camera pans along ranks, note bandstand in background, getting ready for inspection, adjusting caps, wiping shoes. Inspection by officers in front of bandstand. Men in uniform shake hands, men in civilian suits and trilby hats follow. Officers stop to speak to boys in jackets and slacks. Senior officer in leather gloves approaches ATC and exchanges a few words during inspection. Inspectors speak to boys, single storey buildings, probably Royal Air Force base as of that style. Elderly man in formal black suit, woman in pale grey uniform, 1930's car in background looks to have blinkered headlamps and white painted front bumper, therefore could be during World War Two, 1940's.

Decorated officer, probably in his 60's awarding a silver cup, schoolboys and little girls look on. People standing at ease about lawn. Picnic table with Union Jack Band stand in background. Close up of middle-aged men, one in ATC uniform, others in civilian suits. Decorated officer aged 60's adjusts cap, picket fence and trees in background. Air Training Corps bade, eagle flapping wings on round disc surrounded by words Air Training Corps motto Venture - Adventure on scroll beneath crown on top. ATC flag flying at top of pole in breeze, pale blue, Union Flag in corner, ATC badge in middle. ATC band playing on lawn, aircraft parked in background, probably Fairey Swordfish. Film of drummer boys in foreground. Boy aged about 16 playing drum, two others play trumpets in background. Bass drummer, another with cymbals. Trumpeters in front of Swordfish. Band Major holds baton aloft. Band halts, marching on the spot. Band marches on towards and past camera. Spectators stand and sit along rail, some in overcoats, young girls in grey uniform, 1940's fashions, large dark green huts in the background and flagpole flying ATC flag, spectators lined in front of the buildings. ATC march past, away from camera. ATC marching in tarmaced area, most in uniform, some in civilian jacket and tie, trees and bushes behind the large houses. ATC doing physical exercises or PE in long dark blue shorts and white plimsolls, grassed area by large brick building. Boy runs towards camera and leaps into the arms of the others who are standing in the two rows holding each other's arms to provide safe means to catch the gymnast, who dives on to them. They bounce him in the air a couple of times, activity repeated with another boy. Boys jump over rope pulled by others, team races, allotments in background, two men watch, one in naval uniform, fencing posts but no wire mesh fencing. Boys playing form of handball with leather football, team game involving tackling and goals. ATC band marching towards and past camera. Band marching across lawn in front of allotments. ATC officers in conversation in front of corrugated pavilion and wooden hut, police man in old style uniform. Band marching towards camera, breezy summer's day. Boys run forward, line up and address themselves for inspection. ATC flag being lowered down flag pole. Boys stand to attention officers salute, boys turn to right and salute.

B/W footage: Two men, one in uniform with sergeant's stripes, second in great coat plot on map of South east England, focus on East Anglia. Young man in uniform, shoulder Air Training Corp 1964 (?) Squadron. Close up of map on desk plotting with rules, dividers and set square etc. Group of three in ATC uniform in front of allotments, working a signal lamp. Man in civilian clothes sits watching, ATC officers walk in and out of frame. Flag flying on mast. ATC band march into field, large buildings in far background. AATC marching around roped area in field, family spectators, large pre-war detached houses in background. Senior officers enter field. Young boys running about, woman pushing crude push chair. Officers walk in front of saloon car with headlamp mask, pass tent and school boy. Officer speaking into microphone on raised platform in front of camouflaged truck with Tannoy or public address system on van body, poster 'Cook' 'WAAF'. ATC march past officer on raised wooden deck, 1930's semi-detached in background. Officers and spectators in front of large wooden hut. Close up of ATC keeping in step. View of parade ground. Old Ford Popular in wartime white markings. Primitive flying machine on tricycle undercarriage, tubular construction, radiator above wing and "pusher" engine mounting, looks like a crude microlight. Glider stationary on grass, wingtips held by ATC members. Another passes in foreground, pulled by a car. Other gliders behind military truck, spectators in distance. Close up of a glider, high wing monoplane, in camouflage paint, Royal Air Force markings. Close view of cockpit area. View across parade field showing gliders, ATC lined up and spectators behind roped are, houses beyond. Appears to be next to air field, windsock and large buildings can be seen. Two members of ATC fencing finish and walk towards smiling and applauding friends.

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