Film: 6891

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Shipping in Scotland in the 1930s

(small section from 1900s spliced to head)
One of the largest ports, Glasgow is a calling place for many liner services. S.S. Tuscania returning from a Mediterranean cruise.
Tuscania cruising down outskirts of Glasgow.
Intertitle: The Historic Clyde is world famous for its shipbuilding activities.
Panning shot of shipyards.
Worldwide interest was aroused during the building and launching of the Cunard, White Star "534" "Queen Mary". Close up of construction of Queen Mary with scaffolding.
Intertitle: In close proximity to some of the finest scenery in the British Isles, Glasgow is a convenient centre from which to explore the Clyde Coast.
Holiday contract tickets at cheap rates give a week's unlimited travel in many areas. They are issued in all the principal holiday districts during the summer months.
Long shot of liner.
Intertitle: The L.M.S. Clyde Coast services comprise many fine vessels such as the "Caledonia" and "Mercury".
Steamer arrives at unidentified port.
Intertitle: For longer cruises, the turbine steamers "Duchess of Montrose" and "Duchess of Argyle" offer every comfort and convenience".
Intertitle: for holidaymakers desiring quick communication with Clyde resorts many train services proceed direct to Wemyss Bay.
Exterior of Wemyss Bay train station with London, Midland and Scottish Railway sign clear. Passengers wearing distinctive 1930's clothes leave the station and join a paddle steamer, walking up a gangplank. Wemyss Bay sign prominent. Suitcases are loaded onto upright trolleys by porters. The paddle steamer sails off.
Intertitle: Many thousands pass through this station annually which is famous for its floral displays.
A large crowd of holiday makers leave Wemyss Bay train station.
Intertitle: Overlooking Loch Striven is Rothesay, a popular and attractive resort where abundant choice of accommodation will be found.
Panning shot of Rothesay and harbour. Static shots of beach front.
Intertitle: The town and promenade offer all the attractions of a modern resort.
Brief shot of promenade,
Intertitle: Most of the steamboat services call at Rothesay Pier, which in the season is a busy place.
Medium shot of a steamboat coming into Rothesay Harbour. Passengers alight from the boat. Passengers mill around. An old fashioned hand barrow sits unattended, centre shot.
Intertitle: "Duchess of Montrose" arriving at Rothesay.
Medium and close up shot of steamer arriving.
Intertitle: Amongst several quiet resorts is Tighnabruaich which is situated amidst glorious scenery.
Panning shot taking in small cove of Tighnabruaich, waves lapping up on the shore and the small village. A couple wearing 1930's attire walk past the camera. In the background is an unidentified steamer or steam ship. Steamer leaves from quay side. Rolling hills in the background.
Intertitle: The Firth of Clyde and the adjacent lochs are a great rendezvous for yachts.
Bow view of a yacht from the rear of a steamer.
Intertitle; The graceful craft add to the natural beauty of the surroundings.
Two good shots, one showing the journey of the steamer with the wash it leaves behind clear in a wide arc. In the second, we see the smoke from the funnel of the steamer as dusk falls. The steamer passes through a rainbow.
Intertitle: OBAN the capital of the Western Highlands is a modern resort of many attractions.
Panning shot overlooking the harbour at Oban.
Intertitle: Situated in a sheltered bay it is a popular centre for the exploration of the Western Isles.
General shots of the harbour.
Intertitle: Many excursions by land and water are available to places of historic interest and scenic beauty.
Panning shot of Oban city centre with pedestrians milling about.
Intertitle: More steamers provide regular services to Tobermory, Fort William and the outlying islands.
A motor launch crosses the harbour. Brief shot of pedestrians walking along seafront at unidentified harbour.

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