Film: 69

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Scottish Comedian Jimmie James music hall drunk comedy act 1930's

A man stands on a podium, a crowd surrounds him and listens as he talks animatedly, he wears a bowler hat and checked cravat. Jimmie James, in evening dress holds onto a pillar smoking a cigarette and puts his hand to his ear drunkenly. The speaker really gets into it, taking off his hat and beating down on the stand, leaning forward on his elbows. A taxi, Jimmie James on the other side of it waves his hand in a forward gesture then he stumbles around the back and gets in. In front of the Star Club, the drunken man gets out and asks how much, the driver leans out of his cab. Money exchanges hands as the man pays the taxi driver. The man staggers drunkenly towards a door on the street. A Policeman writes something in his notebook, he talks to the drunk man, the policeman stops him from going into a house, after much arguing, the drunk pulls a bottle from his coat and makes as if to share it with the bobby, to which the man rubs his hands and joins the drunk on the step of the house. The man unwraps the bottle and takes a swig, refusing to share it, the policeman starts coughing, hitting himself on his chest as if he is sick, to get some sympathy. The drunk puts some alcohol on the cork and waves it under the bobby's nose, who tries to grab it, the policeman starts to look desperate, the drunk wipes the bottle off but decides against giving it to the policeman, then changes his mind and hands over the bottle, the policeman takes a nice long drink from the bottle, and keeps on drinking! He eventually stops, and then makes some comments on the quality of the drink, mentions the stuff he used to drink in the army, the two men end up being from the same Army company during the War, the shake hands, old army friends meeting again. They decide to drink to the memory of the men they knew who were killed, though the policeman won't relinquish the bottle and does most of his drinking by himself. The drunk finally gets the bottle again and wipe the mouth of the bottle with his handkerchief and takes a swig.

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