Film: 6900

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Northern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe 1950's - very white newsreel

Art exhibition. Lion cubs, Barrack Farm. Inter School Swimming Gala. Dog show outside in a field. Three poodles stand together on leads. The winning dogs lined up in various categories. A line of three winning dogs including a poodle, five champion dogs and a line of three winning dogs of same breed.
David Livingstone Missionary foundations laid for new hospital.

'Outstanding Art Display' A crowded art gallery, many pictures hang on the walls. Two native Rhodesian's look at two pictures, one of the face of an elderly black man, the other of a landscape. A painting of a native village with two people under a canopy. Vim Ban Gulu's? painting. Nerma? 's painting of a woman kneeling on the ground grinding corn. Group of people look at the wall. An painting of a black woman. A peaceful landscape street painting. A painting hanging on the wall of light breaking through clouds. A still life of a baking tin and leeks. The art gallery exhibition crowd mills about.
Barrack Farm near Masabuga. Two lion cubs on a grass lawn, with two children and Mr. Barrack, the small boy has a feeding bottle, and starts to feed one of the cubs, the game keeper has the other and feeds the second cub, the young girl watches. The boy feeds the lion cub, who drinks with his eyes closed. The game warden with the other cub. Mrs. Barrack plays with the lion cubs. The young boy drag a blanket after him which the lion cubs play with. The boy plays with them in a small ditch in the lawn. Mrs. Barrack feeds the cubs meat on small plates. She pets them as they eat, one cub tries to get at the other's food but Mrs. Barrack grabs it before it gets too close. The entire family with the lion cubs feeding and Mr. Barrack petting the dog.
'Inter-schools Swimming' Sir Gilbert Rennie at the inter schools swimming championship talks with parents near the diving board. Four boys dive into the pool, they do front crawl to the other side of the pool. The crowded benches of the stands. Swimmers touch the side of the pool and their relay teammates dive off the diving blocks. Sir Gilbert and other official guests. Girls do backstroke to the far edge of the pool. A school crowd cheers loudly. Boys dive off the far diving blocks and do front crawl to the other side. The crowd cheers wildly. The boy in lane five touches the edge of the pool and turn to go back the other way.
A girl jumps backwards off a diving board. A boy makes a running jump and goes off the diving board. A girl does a flying swan dive off the low board. A boy swimmer from Luansheer? Accepts the trophy from Sir Gilbert. The cheering schoolmates in uniform. A girl receives a trophy.
'Canine Aristocrats' The kennel club of northern Rhodesia's third dog show at Lusaka fairground, the ladies pet their dogs, one is dragged out and then dragged back on its leash. A man back combs the hair in his Boizin's tail. A man combs the hair of a black cocker spaniel. A white woman brushes the hair of a brown spaniel. A woman brushes the hair of a dog with ribbons and bows in its hair held by a young black man, as another black man looks on. A small bushy, black dog barks. The parade of dogs, a variety of diferent kinds from pointers to boxers. The crowd sits on lawn chairs in the sun. Three poodles with ribbons in their hair. A tall Afghan dog is held by its owner. The judge inspects the spaniel class. The brown spaniel sits and looks around by his owner's feet. The line of dogs on a flat wooden board walk, then a different line of dogs. Some of the large dogs sit at their owner's feet.
'A Great Spirit Still Lives.' Three men perhaps including John Todd walk around the David Livingstone monument. The plaque on the monument, 'erected by his friends to the memory of Dr. David Livingstone, Missionary and Explorer. He died here May 1st 1873. Chitambo Native Zimbabwean Mission children in uniform walk in line towards us. Small Zimbabwean children follow a Zimbabwean preacher? Teacher? Over the savannah. Zimbabwean women walk into a building, a hospital attached to the misson. Children sit outside a mission building, probably the school. Official men, mission organizers walk out of the building. Other people follow them. The officials sit in chairs at the edge of a construction site. Zimbabweans sit on the grass outside a rope. Two men speak, a vicar stands beside them beside the partially built building. Under a canopy, the white Zimbabweans sit. One of the men lays a plaque in the wall. ' Ndi Ibwe Lyabikikwa No Walupwa Iwa Kwa Chitambo Uwapokeia Dr. Livingstone, 1873.' A group of the mission people. One of the dignitaries pats some mortar down. Another plaque. The ceremony audience stands and listens. Chitambo mission children in unifrom sing. The church of the Chitambo mission.

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