Film: 6901

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


South Africa 1950's - very apartheid

"Canine Aristocrats". Dog show and competition. Borzoi. Grooming; trophy presentation. Good close-ups. "Spirit Store and Mountain Fire at the Cape". "Christmas in Tobruk". Postal workers sorting sacks of Christmas post. Soldier pressing trousers. Church bell close-up; soldiers carrying Christmas trees. Christmas dinner for soldiers. "South Africa's 'Old Contemptible' come Home" Soldiers return. Johannesburg parade. Soldiers coming home to heroes welcome in a stadium.

'Canine Aristocrats' a dog owner brushes a white and brown? Afghan-dog. Another dog owner grooms his Borzoi. The dogs head as it is pampered. Another dog pants with tis tongue lolling out. The floor of the dog show outside in a garden, the owners walk their dogs around in a circle. A man walks his dog show entry around the circle. The line of dogs as the judges go over them. One of the female judges rubs her hands down a dogs front to feel the fur and muscle. The face of the winner. The Winner and its owner. The grand parade of the dog show. One of the judges holds out the tail of one of the dogs and shakes the fur loose. The collared head of a a dog as it looks away from us. The winner, Nikolai, is held by his owner. Nikolai's panting face.
'Spirit Store and Mountain Fire at the Cape'. Smoke billows out of from a thicket of trees across a field. Men direct fire hoses over a railing, then the smouldering buildings of the KWB distillery, ruined. Water is poured onto the wreckage of the brewery. Fire men in uniform spray water off a high sidewalk onto the distillery remains, other men behind them climb over parts of the water soaked wreckage. Water pours down a wall of the destroyed distillery. Close up of the faces of some of the workers. Water is sprayed onto the roof. Water is projected onto the walls. Men direct the water flow.
Another cloud of smoke rises in the air from across a field. The trees and plants burn on the mountainside. Grass burns quickly and flames shoot into the air. Heavy smoke covers the landscape. Grass and trees burn up in giant flames. Smoke pours out of a grove of trees. Grass burns. Trees burns, the flames whipped by the wind.
'Christmas in Tobruk'. Men in khakis carry mail bags on their shoulders down an aisle in between stacks and stacks of mail. Men climb on mountains of mail bags, moving them around. Row upon row of full mail bags line the ground. A truck filled with mail, moves amongst the collected sacks. Army postal workers unload duffle bags from the back of army trucks, then the busy mail yard. A stocking hangs on the side of a tent. A man in a beret peeks out a door in a ruined house, then one of his fellow soldiers, opens the door to an old battered oven and pulls out a clothes iron, he gets up and walks towards the door. A man irons some trouser legs very carefully on a table. The back of the man ironing, then his legs which , are bare expect for his underpants, socks and boots. The man picks up his trousers and puts the legs together, behind him, the steeple of a church. Two men round a bare, battered brick corner with a chair each, walking over rubble. A man pulls cheets, and clothing out of a gunny sack, throwing it on the ground. He pulls out a bottle of beer and stands up, holding it carefully. The church of Tobruk, with its high bell tower and flat front. Ruined buildings seen through the window of the bell tower in the church, then the bell swinging to and fro. Four soldiers in uniform walk down a street in Tobruk carrying small fir trees and fir boughs in Christmas preparation. They enter a large partially destroyed building. The men decorate one room with a wall missing with the boughs. They push the bushes into the cracked wall. One soldier paints on the wall, 'Merry Xmas'. The man completes the sign, surrounded by greenery. Christmas cards laid out on a cupboard below the 'Merry Xmas ' sign. The cupboard with the cards on top, then a small table laid with mess tins and clipped plates and forks. A man in an apron and hat open the door of the battered stove and carefully pulls out a pan of ? The cook behind the stove, and another soldier picks up the dish fromteh top of the oven and carries into the house. The backs of two soldiers sitting on pieces of rubble, then the entire table as the men all eat heartily. From behind, a man eats a huge spoonful of food from his full mess tin. One soldier eats out of the cooking dish with his fingers and a very large knife.
A hand takes a wrapped pudding out of the oven. The hand puts a prig of holly in the top of the pudding. The soldier carries the pudding past a blown out piece of wall. He climbs in through the broken wall and hands it to one of the men at the table, then his hands as he puts it in the middle of the table. One of the soldier's faces as he looks all excited. One of the men eats. Beer/ wine is poured into a mug in front of the 'merry xmas' decorations. One of the men comes through the door , paper falls from the 'sky', pretending to be snow, the soldier walks through and hunches his shoulders against the snow, he turns around and goes back through the door. He comes out again with his great coat on, then his friends above the door on the balcony throwing the paper down.
'South Africa's 'Old Contemptible' come home.' A troop ship with the decks lined with troops waving. Women, young girls, grandmothers, teenagers stand on the deck and wave their handkerchiefs. The soldiers lean over the railing and swing their hats and wave. Some of the Omen's auxiliary troops, wave from the dock. Some of the troops line the rails and take their hats off to wave them. A women seems possessed with happiness as he flaps her huge scarf around her head. The troops on the ground finally, give a hurrah! Altogether, with their hats. The military parade, through Cape Town? A motorcade and soldiers marching behind. The street crammed with people watching the parade. The mayor on a stage salutes. The troops march by the crowd. More troops march by with their helmets on, the building behind are decorated. The troops march down the main street. The military band walks on the field at Albert's Croft? Some troop march behind. Some dignitaries salute the flag. The troops march on the field, a woman runs up and walks with them, talking to a man, a little girl joins her and runs ahead. The audience in the stadium claps madly. The troops arrayed on the field with flags flying in front. The battalions march onto the field led by the marching band. The enthusiastic and excited audience. The marching band goes past. Soldiers march past looking at the crowd. A group of soldier walks past, a girl emerges from the ranks and marches ahead. Another group of soldiers marches past, two other men in a different uniform march with them, talking excitedly. The crowd waves its handkerchiefs and hats in the air. The bagpiper pipes while walking, a drummer follows behind him. A division dressed in kilts enters the stadium, a close up of one of their faces, smiling and shaking his head. The audience, mostly women, waves their hankies and yells. The kilted regiment marches past. A small child waves a flag. The troop sbreak ranks and everyone makes a dash for the stands. The soldiers run towards the covered seat in the stadium. A father runs forward and picks up a baby girl. A group of women hauls up a young soldier to the second level of seating and a woman hugs him. A woman hugs a soldier. A mill of people hugging and kissing. A soldier has one arm around his daughter and one arm around his wife, he kisses his daughter and then kiss wife, kisses him and he kisses her back. One girl turns herself around with her finger on her head like a ballerina, as a piper pipes in the stands. Two girls run towards two boys and kiss them. A man walks along with is arm around his wife and two younger girls beside her. A young boy walks with a young soldier towards the stands, both smiling. A soldier kisses, his mother, his grandmother and then his sister and then another woman kisses him.

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