Film: 6910

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Southern Africa 1950's

U.K. high commissioner, Lord Eltrope, at North Rhodesia ( Zambia ) police training school Blantyre, Nysasaland ( Malawi ) Chief Cehcarnee second battalion North African rifles receives new colours, Frank Vourne, Bishop of Nysasaland. Dam being repaired. UN troops on leave, by plane over Victoria Falls, buying souvenirs, troops look at poster for 'Tarzan the Magnificent'. Grapes in Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe ), harvesting, in the VATS, testing, before bottling. 'Back Seat Mechanic' woman cannot start car, opens bonnet, musters school of car maintenance. Blackboard and practical demonstration. 'The Biter Bit'. Malaria. Capturing mosquitoes. World Health Organization, W.H.O. Laboratory study the blood. African huts sprayed with insecticide, and village clinic. 'Battle is being won'.

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