Film: 6917

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | B/W


CPR and life saving 1960's

Babies crying in cots. Man breathes on car headlight surround, it steams up. Roger Bannister exhausted at end of four minute mile supported by 2 men. Fairground rides. Apparent suicide with plastic bag over face. People standing over unconcious man at coast. Concern on faces. Diagram of body and artificial respiration. Example of what Artificial respiration (A.R.) does, mock up with tin, tube and plastic bag. Woman blows into tin and weighted bag lifts. Film of sword swallower. Man drinking mug of beer. Women in close up at pop concert (music 'Hippy Hippy Shake'). Man laughing and throwing head back. Girls, young women at concert in close up, frantic and excited, screaming. Dummy floating face down in water demonstration of A.R. by man on man. Woman on man, girl on man. Recovery position. Saving unconscious people, at water's edge and A.R. on spot. Hauling person over side of boat and starting A.R. before in boat. Lifesaver giving A.R. as he reaches unconscious man. Three other people help him drag man ashore. Man breathes into woman, everyone looks happy, as woman blinks eyes open.

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