Film: 6919

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Dentists and dentistry 1940's

1- The Average Child. Two 'towering' dentists from child's point of view. Small boy sits in dentist's chair. Strap and bib put on. Face mask shown to child. Insertion of dental prop. Administration of gas through nosepiece. Child goes into spasms. Child undergoing operation, responds to pain stimuli. Insertion of second dental prop. Child recovering. Removal of dental props. Dentist covers boy's eyes to protect from light.
2- The nervous child. Dentist attempts to place nosepiece on little girl with dental prop inserted. Child refuses. Shakes head. Child gets out of chair smiling. Taken into other room by nurse, given sedative and water. Inhalation anaesthesia.
3- Younger children. Dentist inserts prop in mouth of infant girl. Ethyl chloride mask shown to child. Held in front of face. Addition of ethyl chloride. Child becomes unconscious. Illustrating pupil size in a thus anaesthetized child. Girl recovering with dentist's hand across eyes. Bleeding from mouth.
4- Possible Difficulties. Prop falls out of young boy's mouth during ethyl chloride induction. Mask removed, prop reinserted. Children stopping breathing during anaesthesia.
5- Younger children. Divinyl ether capsule cut open, poured into inhaler. Dentist chats to contented-looking little girl in chair. Then holds inhaler over face. Close up turning regulating sleeve on inhaler. Child breathes from vapour bag. Child recovers from anaesthesia, smiles.

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