Film: 6924

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Cyprus 1940's

General views of the coast of Cyprus. Archaeology, farming, herdsmen, hills, mule. Charcoal burning and making, carrying packs on backs. Vineyards. Olive groves. Boy rides donkey. Goats eat bushes. Waterfall. Goats tethered. Tree planting. Ploughing. Sowing by hand from a bucket. Harvesting corn. Loading up a donkey. Climbing a date palm. Village and town markets. Fruit harvest, oranges and lemons. Cow drinking from a stream. Locals filling pots from a stream. Gigantic waterwheel. Irrigation. Well. Pickaxes, building a dam. Sluice. Snow on the mountain tops.

Opening map showing key Cypriot towns and location of island within Mediterranean. General view of Aphrodite's Rocks and coastline between Limassol and Paphos. Views of archaeology and men with sickles harvesting grain crop with goats in foreground. View of snow covered Troodos Mountains. Two women with donkeys laden with branches being carried to charcoal burners. Men and women preparing wood for charcoal production. Donkeys and women carrying harvest from fields. Men and women gathering brushwood for fuel. View of vineyards. View of olive groves and goats feeding on olive trees. Goats being chased away from olive grove, over hilltop. View of waterfall and streams; view of hills. Women and tethered goats. Scenes of trees being planted. Ploughing with horses and sowing of seed by hand from bucket. Woman digging field. Corn harvested by hand and carried by horse. General views of orchards. Scenes of town - markets and pedestrians. Views of lemons and dates being collected and taken to market on lorry. Women watering cattle in stream. Gathering of water from stream into urns. Water wheel operated by donkeys. Woman raising water from well. Villagers with pickaxes labouring to build dam - view of completed reservoir and dam. Men opening sluices of dam. Scene of man and child opening channel to allow water into fields. Farmers distributing water into filed. View of mountains and sea.

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