Film: 6926

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie in South Africa or Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe or Zambia 1950's Wonderful British colony / apartheid stuff.

Two boys look at Rhodes' grave walking around it in a circle. Father and guide? Or grandfather both in khakis and outback clothing look at the memorial and the two boys run over to join them. The father looks up at the huge Rhodes Memorial. Huge boulders. Boys play in water on Zambezi, at a weir. The boys climb on the rocks near the river. Views of the river from a speed boat. Very dark the two boys stand under a flower arbour. All eight children in swimming costumes at the side of the pool, from big to little, the biggest ones jump in the swimming pool. The children splash in the swimming pool, the little ones wearing inner tubes or water wings. The children in a garden outside, the girls wear matching dresses, the boys are in collared shirts and shorts, they all line up in a row. The children all take turn at jumping over a stringthat gets higher and higher. A crocodile at Victoria falls, being fed, Victoria Falls. The children sit on the red front steps of a house. The children play on a rock. Mom holds the baby, the grandfather carries one of the girls on his back. The entire family in the car as if going off on summer holiday. Car has international plate of SR - Southern Rhodesia on back. The three girls in matching dresses. A black male servant walks to camera carrying tray with teapot on it. Family portrait with grandparents in front yard with one of the girls on a rope swing. White family and black nanny in the garden. White bulldog. , Salisbury (Harare) airport, various family groupings on the airport steps. A BOAC flight, the passengers walk out onto the tarmac, watched from above. Aircraft, plane departs " whispering Giant "

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