Film: 6934

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Royal Air Force military policemen 1960's

An RAF convoy driving along a road in the country. There are two motorcycles a Land Rover and a truck. It appears that they are all Royal Air Force police. They arrive at their base - one motorcyclist has ridden ahead and is called over by another RAF policeman. He tells the other policeman about the convoy and the second policeman halts traffic leaving the base until the convoy has entered.
Unarmed combat training in a gym. RAF policeman firing - Stirling ?- submachine guns at targets. An instructor watches them. RAF policemen firing revolvers at targets. A fugitive trying to escape the RAF police. He's running over grass, pursued by two RAF policemen and a dog in a Land Rover. He runs up a slope and the Land Rover stops. One of the RAF policemen gets out with the dog and runs after the fugitive. The other policeman reports over the radio. The fugitive enters woodland and the policeman lets the Alsatian off the leash. They both run after the fugitive. The fugitive emerges from the wood but is captured by the dog, who bites his arm. The policeman arrests him.
Dog handlers, with dogs on parade training. A whistle blows. From marching in column, they move into a line. At the second blast of the whistle, they stop and stand to attention. They then march forwards. At the third blast of the whistle, they stop, turn around and march back. The whistle blows again and they stop. The dogs sit down. The handlers let the dogs off the leash and presumably tell them to stay. The whistle blows again and the men march off, leaving their dogs. The dogs look at each other. The whistle blows again and the men stop and turn round. They go forward two paces and stop at another blast of the whistle. The dogs look at each other. The whistle goes again and they march back to their dogs.
Two RAF policemen on routine patrol. It's the same two who caught the fugitive. They check the doors of a hangar. Guarding keys. An RAF police guardroom. Two policemen are working in it. A policeman comes to the guardroom and returns a key. He signs a form. Policemen being trained in counter-intelligence ? And learning about locks. A Land Rover drives up to a transport aircraft. Three policemen and a dog inspect it as it will be carrying VIP's.
A policeman and a dog guard the scene of a break-in where some radio equipment has been stolen. A special investigator arrives in a B-registered car (Hence the film was made in 1964 or 1965 - as this is a recruiting film they would not have someone arriving in an old car). The special investigator examines the scene of the crime. Comparing a footprint to a shoe. Policemen around a table with crime-solving equipment on it. (Trainee ?) policeman having his fingerprints taken. An RAF police sergeant using a microscope. He makes some notes. Policemen being shown how to dust for fingerprints. A policeman being shown a model of an aircraft's interior so he will know his way around it. Policemen being taught about security. Trainee policemen being taught about identity parade procedure. There are some women in the class being taught. The special investigator examining the scene of the burglary.
A man pole vaulting. A man throwing a hammer. A man doing the long jump. A man throwing a shot ( Putting the shot ?) Men playing rugby. RAF men cheering them on. Men playing football. A goal is scored. Looking at a beach. Women on a beach, one in swimming costume, one in a bikini. They wave at men water-skiing.
Aircraft flying in formation. The fugitive looks at them as he is led away. Passing out parade for newly qualified policemen.

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