Film: 6937

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


RAF Aerospace Systems Control. Systems operators trace an unknown aircraft. Royal Air force Phantoms take off and intercept a Russian Tupolev 'Bear' maritime reconnaissance bomber at high altitude 1970's

Dark green Land rover driving down open road, title sequence 'RAF AEROSPACE SYSTEMS OPERATORS', pulls back to show open moor land and three large, white, globe-shaped structures. Fylingdales Moor. Early Warning Station North Yorkshire. Inside globe, large radar dish turning anticlockwise.

Control room, computer instrument panels round edge of room, desks to centre, personnel seated, wear pale blue shirts, RAF Aerospace Operators. Close-up of rectangular radar, geometric structure turning clockwise.

Radar operator's screen, illuminated grids and numbers as scanner turns clockwise. Young woman seated before screen, face illuminated by glow of screen. Woman at plotting table with long stick. View looking down upon plotting table, British Isles outlined, balcony with man seated in front of screen in foreground, pans across to show other controllers seated on balcony overlooking plotting table.

Small radar structures on high open moor land turning clockwise. Three McDonald Douglas F4 Phantoms in Royal Air Force markings lined up on hard standing. RAF aircrew seated around a table playing cards. Rectangular radar scanner. Radar screen. Woman studying screen. Plotter working at plotting table. Woman placing a marker on plotting table, lettered grid markings outline of north east coast of Scotland. Plotter pressing button at the edge of plotting table. View from controllers' balcony looking down upon plotting room. Controller speaking into telephone, places it down. View from controllers' balcony down into plotting room, man in foreground picks up phone. Woman writing on large, clear screen approximately seven feet high, marked in grid pattern with writing upon it. Camera records her actions from other side of screen. Close-up of controller on telephone. Woman moves marker on plotting table. Close-up of marker, between northeast Scottish coast & Norway outlined on plotting table. View over the shoulder of controller on phone looking down upon plotter working at plotting table. View of radar installations. Radar scanner making rocking motion. Controller putting down telephone. RAF personnel working at a desk, darkened room, one gives a command, another picks up phone. RAF personnel resting in a lounge, reading papers, drinking, put things down and stand. Close-up of controller facing camera. RAF personnel working at a desk, screen in background.

Aircrew running to a Phantom jet fighter, canopies up, hangar in back- ground, climb to cockpit, pan to second pair of aircrew climbing into another Phantom.

Inside control tower, extensive instrument panels, man with headphones and microphone in foreground, woman beyond, large window area surrounds them.
View from beside Phantom cockpit, pilot in seat, ground crew seen in front of aircraft.
Repeat of control tower , air traffic controllers at work.
Phantom taxiing up to second Phantom, black and white chequer markings on engine intakes, possibly cockerel markings on tail plane. RAF personnel on phone behind desk.
Air traffic controllers in control tower, one speaks into radio microphone, facing camera, second looks through binoculars. Phantoms accelerate away from camera down runway, afterburners glowing. Aircraft get airborne approaching camera, pass overhead.

Radar scanners on high moorland. Turning clockwise, camera moves to close-up. Woman seated before radar screen. Radar screen showing trace moving clockwise. Woman behind large clear screen, camera pulls back to show personnel seated at control panel, orange glowing radar screens, pick up phone, speak into it. Plotting table, arrow markers being placed upon it.

View from inside rear cockpit of Phantom to second Phantom, both flying at altitude above clouds. Looking across to side profile of airborne phantom above clouds.

Radar screen showing trace. Woman seated at screen. Plotter, with headphones and mic leaning over plotting table moving markers. Looking down from controllers' balcony into plotting room.

In- aircraft view of second Phantom banking to left at high altitude, some cockpit framing in view. Close-up of Phantom in flight at high altitude.

Operator using radar screen, speaking into microphone. Looking over shoulder of controller down upon plotting table. Woman writing up large clear screen. Women seated at plotting table. Arrow markers being moved on plotting table. Woman behind large clear screen. Radar scanner in rocking motion, clear blue sky. Markers being moved on plotting table. Close-up of side profile of woman plotter. Looking over controller's shoulder into plotting room. Personnel seated at radar screen speaking through microphone.

Phantom in flight at high altitude. Looking forward from rear cockpit of phantom, cockpit frame and pilot's ejector seat in view. Looking up at pilot, wearing oxygen mask and white crash helmet, visor up. View of large, four-engined aircraft. Silver in colour. Tupolev, Nato code-name 'Bear', a maritime reconnaissance bomber, it banks to the right. Close-up of markers being moved on plotting table. 'Bear' with Phantom closing in on starboard tail. RAF personnel in conversation in darkened control room, radar screen in background. Close-up of Tupolev Bear in flight, pull back to reveal Phantom on its tail, both at high altitude.

Radar scanners high on moorland. Radar screen with trace. Operators at work viewing radar screen. Controller seated at desk. Plotter at plotting table. Phantoms landing towards camera, brake parachutes deploy, roll towards camera. Credits.

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