Film: 6938

Aviation | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Fleet Air arm. Aircraft land on British aircraft carrier 1950's

Various shots of a deHavilland Sea Venom landing on an aircraft carrier, aircrew are seen stood watching. Close up of the aircraft taxiing past the superstructure while the ground crew stands by. Close up of the aircraft’s nose, multiple crew members are working on it. Crew inspecting the side of the aircraft, the wings have been folded up and the crew ladder has been attached to the side. Head-on shot of the aircraft with folded wings being towed towards the camera by a tractor. Nose view, the canopy has now been partially opened and the tractor has moved away. View looking down on the aircraft, the pilots fully open the canopy. The plane is towed again, and the pilots talk to another officer walking alongside the plane as it moves. A pilot smokes a cigarette inside a room next to a lock that shows the time 5:13.

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