Film: 6941

Personalities | 1940 | Silent | B/W


A "Film Garden Party" at Morden Hall Park, Surrey, with many close-ups of film stars of the 1940s.

Title "Stars on Parade" in middle of a shower of stars. Credits over a line drawing of a mountain. A hand holds a programme: "Film Garden Party"; he opens it up to an advert on the left page and on the right, heading "The Film Garden Party 1948". Title: "Morden Hall Park in Surrey is the setting for the greatest Film Garden Party ever to be held in Great Britain and all in the good cause of charity too. (Organised by the Sunday Pictorial for the N.S.P.C.C. and C. of E.C.S.)" Pan from overhead across people sitting on deck chairs and standing under sunshades in the garden. Four women sitting at a table talking. Various gathered people talking to each other.

Title: "Soon to be seen are the British stars lovely Anne Crawford, John Mills with his playwright wife Miss Hayley Bell, and young starlet Petula Clark". Anne Crawford wearing a thin veil over her head, talking to a man. Crawford with two other men; she laughs. John Mills and Hayley Bell, who wears an ornate hat and a fur. Petula Clark, wearing a white dress and bonnet, talks enthusiastically to a young man. Title: "Felix Aylmer and Francis L. Sullivan share a profound discussion while Jimmy Hanley sees the joke". Aylmer and Sullivan stand in the middle of the garden talking seriously to each other. The two of them seen from another angle. Three men, including Hanley, talking to each other; they suddenly start laughing.

Title: "Maureen O'Hara is first of the arrivals from Hollywood; Jack Warner makes his appearance and Bill Owen is another who sees the funny side". O'Hara, wearing an ornate black hat and a large necklace, talks to a man wearing a hat. Warner talks to another man. Various men, including Owen, one of whom lights a cigarette; a woman starts to laugh. Title: "Jean Kent in her "Trottie True" hat is quite Victorian whilst Jack Benny over from Hollywood looks very twentieth century". An elegant Kent in black dress and tall hat. Benny wearing an overcoat in a group of people.

Title: "John Howard Davies boy star of "Oliver Twist" does an unrehearsed "Asking for more" scene with Patricia Roc". Davies, sitting on a chair, holds up his dish and asks for more, then starts laughing. Roc laughs. Davies eating. Title: "Husband and wife Googie Withers and John McCallum join the galaxy, and the screen's "Tough man" Griffith Jones has a smile and a frown. Withers and McCallum talk to two other men. Jones talking. Two women talking. Title: "Other stars to swell the multitude now include Bonar Colleano, Eric Portman and Harry Richman". Colleano talking to a man and woman. Portman jokes with other people. Richman talking to the camera.

Title: ""Red hot momma" Sophie Tucker drops in as John Slater introduces a friend to Kathleen Harrison, and film "gangster" Jack La Rue wonders if she can be "Miss Blandish?" Tucker sitting on the ground wearing a tartan coat. Slater introduces a girl to Harrison. La Rue, with another man who smokes a cigarette, looks around. Title: "Guy Middleton enjoys a new gag as do "Film menace" Herbert Lom and his wife but Christine Norden is not so sure". Middleton, smoking, and a woman; he says something and they both start laughing. Lom and his wife talk. Norden and another woman look glumly.

Title: "The Kiss. Our Film Party hostess certainly knows how to sweep Kieron Moore off his feet". The woman and Moore in the middle of the field; they start to kiss. They kiss for a long time; when they stop, she laughs. From overhead, a road vehicle driving over the field. A huge crowd gathered around a stage. Title: ""Your photo with a star". These girls will cherish their photos, taken with Maxwell Reed - and the proceeds help the children's charities". Reed and a woman under a banner that says "Sunday Pictorial Film Garden Party 1948" to have their photo taken. The photographer works with the camera. Reed talks to the woman as they wait. Huge crowds of people rush towards a tent.

Title: "Autograph hunters get to work". Many people holding autograph books. A man signs an autograph. Another. A woman. Man. Title: "Kathleen Harrison finds it hard going". Harrison surrounded by a large group of autograph hunters. She walks over to rest on a table. She signs an autograph on the table. Title: "Jack Warner is busy". Warner signs an autograph for a male fan. He signs another autograph. A young woman gets off the side of a road vehicle. A man walks along. A young woman looks at the camera. John Howard Davies plays with a camera. Title: "Smile, Please". A woman looks at the camera.

Title: "Margaret Lockwood meets her old friends Jack Benny and Sid Field". Lockwood, wearing a white hat, talking. She talks to Benny, on the left, and Field, on the right. Title: "Celebrated critic, Hannen Swaffer, hurries to see, if it can really be -?" Swaffer, wearing thick rimmed glasses and a black hat, and smoking a cigar, walks along. Title: "Yes, it's the mouth! Martha Raye's here from Hollywood". Raye, wearing a thin veil over her head and a fur coat, talks to a man who smokes a pipe; she talks a lot and laughs. Sophie Tucker, still sitting down, laughs, as a man carries drinks. Several stars sitting around a small table. Tucker and Davies sitting down.

Title: "Peter Graves hears about the "Tall man and the short man" from Bill Owen". Graves and Owen talking to each other in front of other groups of people. Title: "British screen's most popular couple, Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding". Wilding surrounded by people. Neagle in front of a fence or a wooden wall. Several people in front of it. A vehicle is driven through a crowd of people. Several women run across a field. Huge crowd looking at stage. Title: "At the "Stage of Fame", Richard Attenborough, Jimmy Hanley and Naunton Wayne conduct an auction". Attenborough talking into a microphone. The huge crowd.

Title: "Richard Attenborough, hands a film fan her prize - plus - but almost forgets her change!" She is presented, and Attenborough kisses her; she reminds him to give her her change. Title: "Leslie Mitchell brings on the stars. Jean Simmons tells of her new picture". Simmons on stage, with a man, talks into the microphone. The huge crowd in the garden looks onwards. Title: "Jack Benny looks quite serious as his wisecracks go over". Benny on stage with another man; they joke. Benny talks into the microphone. Title: "The parade of the stars fades out with a work and a smile from lovely Maureen O'Hara". She talks to the audience. She continues. The audience wave. "The End".

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