Film: 6956

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


France 1960's

The French Alps, mountain climbing. French Riviera, Cannes and Monaco, sunbathers on the beach. Fashion show. Paris, Folies Bergeres, Moulin Rouge, nightlife.

Male voiceover talking about history, beauty and perils of French Alps. Shot of mountain climbers on side of Mont Blanc. Climber walking up close to edge of mountain cliff and looks over. Shot of mountain side, then pans over to three mountain climbers making their way up. More climbing. Close up view of climber walking sideways up mountain. Second climber follows up using rope. Four climbers trudge across screen in front of of mountain. One climber makes his way up while another looks on. Shot of just snow on mountain. One climber looking at another mountain peak in distance.

Shot of condos on a street in Cannes with three cars parked, and couple of bicycles. Cyclist goes by. Male voiceover talking about distinct look and feel of Cannes. French accordion music plays in background. Close up of fronts of condos with balconies and flower boxes which pans across to other buildings. Shot of people on beach, mostly sitting in chairs under beach umbrellas. Shot continues to show up the beach. Shot of woman wearing full dress to the beach. Shot of woman wearing a bikini on beach.

Male voiceover continues with Monaco with some geographic information. Shot of Monaco, then pans right to show more of the centre. Shot of Prince's huge yacht in harbour, then shots of some smaller boats. On to the beachfront promenade as well as the beach itself. Fair number of people on beach, most under giant umbrellas that look like pinwheels from above. Multiple shots of women in bikinis on beach. Shot of older man fully dressed in shirt and pants, sleeping in beach chair next to bikini clad woman sunbathing. Distance shot of Prince's palace.

Shot at base of Eiffel Tower surrounded by trees, then pans up to top. Aerial view of Seine River showing North and South Banks then pans right. Shot of Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel standing out amongst the other buildings. Shot of fountain with tourists, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in the distance. Shot pans over patrons sitting at tables eating, people watching, drinking, at sidewalk café - Café de la Paix, 9th arrondissement. Other people walk on sidewalk, shots of vans. Woman happily digging into dessert, then checks her lipstick in her compact. She cleans up her lips with a napkin.

Exterior of Christian Dior boutique, with fashionable woman exiting while another enters. Fashion show with room full of customers watching models come in one by one: dress with hat and elbow gloves, white strapless evening gown with white coat and gloves, dress with hat and elbow gloves, midi evening gown with long gloves, long evening gown with long gloves and neck shawl(?). Voiceover mentions dresses are 4500 francs or USD$900.

Voiceover continues talking about gardens and parks. Someone outside painting flowers and bushes. A couple sits on a bench, people walk on sidewalk, three women sit, one of them reads a newspaper.

Talking about how Parisians bring bread back. Shot of person walking down street holding baguette in right hand, bag slung over left shoulder, woman walking down street with baguettes in a basket, man walking down street holding bag in right hand, baguette in left.

Kissing couple walking past, oblivious to camera, pans over to Notre-Dame de Paris (Notre-Dame Cathedral). People at a restaurant table eating at La Tour d'Argent = Silver Tower. Lunch begins at USD$9 a helping. View of The Seine showing two ferries, and Notre-Dame Cathedral in the distance on the left.

Shot of famous Moulin Rouge windmill and sign. Voiceover talks about Parisian nightlife. Shot of various Moulin Rouge Can Can girls on stage. Exterior shot of Maison des Oublier (Cave of the forgotten one) sign. Female singer dances and sings on stage with female accompanying her on piano(?) Men in audience are drinking, happy and clapping enthusiastically. Another woman is on stage singing and dancing (with woman from earlier accompanying on piano). Two men and one woman enthusiastically clap.

Exterior shot of Folies Bergere. Inside there's a packed audience and a lot happening on stage. Dancers and many moving set pieces. Carousel with dancers, men, and costumed women holding candle posts on the carousel. More shots of dancers coming off stage and going closer to audience.

Shot of Eiffel Tower.

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