Film: 6961

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Harvey Haddon Municipal Stadium, Nottingham. Preparing for English schools athletic association. Erecting seating, marking white lines, rolling out track, pulling ropes to raise tent. Man hitting in tent pegs. Carrying starting numbers. Children race in woods. Child beckons others. Jump over stream. Girl blows dandelion. Children throw stones into pond. Boys climb tree. Woodland rope swing. School sports day. 10-yar-olds. Running race. Sack race. Awards. Hurdles race. Winning supporters cheer. Relay race. Javelin. Long jump. Walking. Shot-Put. Stretching. Girls cross country. Megaphone and gun. Massed start at Windsor Great Park. Drinking from plastic cups at end. Boys Race at Westham Park, Leicester. People travelling by coach and minibus. Walking race. Winner drinks milk. Dairy Queen. Lilleshall in Shropshire. National Sports Centre. Warming up session in gym. Practising jumping, high jumping, running, hurdles, javelin, discus, pole vault, high jump. Filming on video tape. Hurdles. Crowds at championships. Band. Grand Parade. Relay. Discus. Judges. Triple jump. Steeplechase. Prize giving.

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