Film: 6970

Sport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Kicking technique in Football 1930's

Film starts with camera shot from the terraces behind the goal on the North Bank at Arsenal's Highbury Ground. The packed terrace on the opposite South Bank can be seen and the famous clock. Arsenal are lining up at the start of the match ready to kick towards the camera and the North Bank goal. The opposition, which is probably Chelsea, kick off. Their goalkeeper sports a peaked cap. A vendor is shown walking behind the Chelsea goal. Cut to a closer shot of action on the pitch where a Chelsea attack is cleared by the Arsenal defence. Cut to head-on shot of now demolished West Stand crammed with spectators. Back on the pitch Chelsea hoist the ball into the Arsenal goal area. The ball is crossed but a subsequent shot on goal is blocked. The loose ball is hammered over the bar by a Chelsea forward.

'Correct method of kicking a stationary ball.' A deserted Highbury Stadium apart from two groundsmen forking the pitch. A ball is stationary ready for a goal kick. An outfield player in white shirt, black shorts and socks launches the ball upfield with a hefty left foot kick. Another kick, this time right footed, shown with the camera focusing on the ball, feet, and legs in slow motion. Cut to what is probably a practise pitch used for training by Arsenal. A goalkeeper is shown taking a goal kick. A fence can be seen behind the goal and the windows of a block of housing. Next one of the Arsenal players takes a penalty against the goalkeeper in the goal at the other end of the pitch. The backs of the houses can clearly be seen. At the moment of impact the film is frozen. When the film continues the ball enters the net past the arm of the outstretched goalkeeper. The pitch looks veryhard and dusty. Close-up in slow motion of ball being kicked showing just boots and legs. The impact is frozen, then unfrozen.

'Correct method of taking a corner.' Next the ball is seen placed for a corner on the actual Highbury pitch. Cliff 'Boy' Bastin, Arsenal's English International left winger (now deceased) strikes a left footed corner. Once again the moment of impact of foot on ball is frozen. Bastin wears the Arsenal change strip of white shirt, black shorts and socks. Another corner by Bastin is shown, again freezing on the actual foot contact. Bastin then takes a right footed inswinging corner.
Cut to the training ground and players wearing Arsenal's first and second choice colours await a corner from the right wing. The player takes an inswinging corner with his left foot that is caught by the goalkeeper. Back to Highbury where a right footed corner is shown. The ball lands in the goalmouth where players challengefor the ball.

'Taking a free kick'. On the training ground a white shirted player takes a right footed kick. The action is frozen as his foot strikes the ball. He slips over as the ball is delivered into the goalmouth where it is cleared. Cut to the middle of the training pitch where a white shirted player passes to a colleague. 'Kicking a moving ball'. Shot of player striking a moving ball, camera freezing on impact. George Male, Arsenal's English International full back, is shown striking a moving ball with his right foot. More freeze frame action. Close up shot in slow motion of ball, feet, and legs. Another Arsenal player is shown in slow motion striking the ball with his right foot. It is shown again lingering on his body position. Another Arsenal player is shown striking a moving ballduring a practise match. More slow motion and freeze frame shots. The goalkeeper is shown collecting the ball. Once again the striking of a moving ball is shown by the same player in slow motion and freeze frame.

Cut to action from another ground, which may be Everton's at Goodison Park in Liverpool. Here a dead ball kick is shown on the pitch of the empty ground. Next a player is shown dribbling towards the goal before passing to a colleague who successfully shoots home. Back to the Arsenal training pitch where one of the players is shown striking a moving ball while on the run. Again the foot impact is frozen. Cut to a player dribbling with the ball before losing it to an interception by an opposing player, who kicks the ball upfield.

'Correct method of volleying.' Switch to Arsenal's English International full back, Eddie Hapgood (now deceased), volleying the ball with his right foot in slow motion. Freeze frame action is used once again. 'Spectacular but unsafe.' Hapgood is shown scissor kicking the ball. Then the volley is demonstrated again. 'Leaning back to give height.' Hapgood is shown leaning back and stretching to volley the ball in slow motion and freeze frame. Cut to the training ground where an Arsenal player volley's the ball upfield during a practise match. The action is repeated in slow motion. 'Over kicking'. The same player is shown miskicking, then volleying with his left foot. 'A volley at goal.' From a corner kick on the training pitch a player volleys the ball into the goal. Back to Highbury where a player is shown half-volleying the ball in slow motion. The action is repeated and the player manages to volley the ball. 'The overhead kick and its uses'. On the training pitch during a practise match, one of the Arsenal players kicks the bouncing ball over his head enabling him to beat an opponent. The skill is repeated in slow motion. Another player is shown flicking the ball over his head with his back to goal. The skill is repeated in slow motion and freeze frame. The goalkeeper is shown kicking the ball in close up as if towards the camera as the 'end' credit appears.

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