Film: 6971

Natural History | 1940 | Silent | B/W


A film about the production of silk in Britain during the 1940s. The process takes us from the picking of the mulberry leaf to the packaging of the raw silk. Women picking mulberry leaves on plantation. Mulberry leaves being sliced and piled up on a table. A board covered in silk worm larvae. Silk worm emerging from larvae. Mesh placed over board and mulberry leaves placed on top of that. Close up of silk worms eating the mulberry leaves. Shots of the mature silk worms on the leaves. Ball of something removed from the rear of the worms with tweezers (could be the worms shedding skin). Silk worm spinning web / nest in straw which forms the cocoon. Section of the cocoon revealing the pupae inside. Cocoons being shovelled on to tables after the pupae has been stifled with heat. Woman weighing and sorting cocoons. Woman washing them in a machine that revolves and uses hot water. The silk thread that has been loosened by this process is then collected on spools which are then hung up. These are then checked by women and the silk is then packed into bundles on a table.

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