Film: 6973

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


The story of Viking ships, told using museum artefacts, models drawings and footage of the replica ship, the Hugin in Norway.
A full-sized replica of a Viking ship - the Hugin - rowed out to sea. Another angle. Closer. Closer still to show an historical representation of bare-chested "Vikings" rowing the oars inside the ship. The Viking chief, wearing a winged helmet, urges them on. The oarsmen again. A Viking in horned helmet (inauthentic, incidentally) blows a large horn. Several of the oarsmen straining. Similar. The backs of the oarsmen. The sail is raised. POV of the ship from another ship. A burial mound in Scandinavia, from whence ships have been excavated. Map of Scandinavia, pinpointing Oseberg and Gokstad. A photograph from 1888 of the excavation of a mound at Gokstad. A photo from 1904 of the Oseberg excavation - the wood preserved by the blue clay. The Oseberg ship, reconstructed and on display today at the Viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway. A detail of the beautiful carving on the stem and stern of the ship. The reconstructed Gokstad ship on display - more sturdy looking. Another angle. Plan drawing of a Viking ship, 75 feet ( 25 metres)long. Plan of the ship, crosswise. Closer. The stem and carved figurehead of the replica Viking ship at sea. The whole ship. "Vikings" disembark from the ship on a beach. More of them, armed with spears. A drawing of a Viking ship on the high seas. The Gokstad ship in the museum again. Plan of normal and Viking ships on the high seas. The Gokstad ship in the museum again. Plan of normal and Viking ships in heavy seas. Another drawing of a Viking ship in rough weather. Plan of the planking, showing clinker building. Plan of the hull under construction. A plank. Plan of plank and rib. Plan shows the firm but flexible joint of plank and rib. Map of Northern Europe. Drawing of Vikings landing on a shore. Drawing of them attacking locals. Drawing of them pillaging a church. Attacking people again and burning the place. Map of Europe and the Mediterranean. Map of the North Atlantic - all demonstrating Viking advances. A medieval drawing of the North Atlantic, including the Viking settlement in North America of Vinland. Closer. Drawing of a Viking ship at sea, full of Vikings. The Gokstad ship again, emphasising the yardarm supports. Closer. A photograph of the Hugin with a tent erected for shelter over the yard arm supports. Drawing of a Viking ship at sea. Drawing of the mast being lowered. The hole where a mast stood. Similar, with mast wedge. Drawing of a ship in full sail The Hugin being rowed at sea. The oarsmen inside. Closer of oarsmen. Again from behind. Oar hole and cover in the side of a model ship. A shield on the side of a model ship. A replica dragon figurehead. The carving on a genuine such dragon from Belgium dating to the 8th century - frightening. The steering rudder on the back of a Viking ship. Model showing how it was attached to the ship. A cutaway model showing how the oar moved. Ship's stern and rudder again. Drawing of the rudder drawn up in shallow water. The Gokstad ship again. The Oseberg ship again. The Hugin at sea. Credits.

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