Film: 6983

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Francine Godfried causes a stir on Wall Street, New York. 1900's girls on bike, bathing beauties, swimming costume fashion parade (long section). Evening fashion 1910, ostrich hat, ostrich farm, feather being clipped, girl with fan, vampish girl, girl takes powder puff from garter and powders nose, femme fatale style. 1920's tea dance, band, dancers, maid serving drinks, exhibition dance, fashion show on ice skates, girl with skis on her back, tennis shorts, fashion show on aircraft in 1950's, woman walking up and down aisle, dress soaked in bucket of water, girl with lamps on her back dries dress !! Pilot looks backwards into cabin. To demonstrate the easy care of man made fabrics. Beatnik style girl shows off 60's mini style coat. Paris fashion houses in Paris. Workers arrive at Pierre Balmain House for work. Workers clock in. Packed room of sewing women, by hand, hat making, 1970s fashion borrowed from 20s style, women shopping in the street, various hem lines.

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