Film: 6986

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A film about the new sport of skiing which is fast becoming a new leisure activity in U.S.A. Some crashes and sport 'bloopers'. Snow scenes, deep snow, fir trees laden with snow. Mountains covered in snow. At train station, people walking along, side stationary train with skis. Piles of skis on carts. Crowds of people on nursery slopes. On lower slopes, ski school, beginners learning to turn around while stationary. People skiing downhill, person going up slope with difficulty. Beginners 'snow ploughing' to control descent. Experienced skiers descending. Children skiing over ramp and falling. skier jumping obstacles. Skiers laughing. Children riding horses towing skiers behind. Motorbikes towing skiers, crash. Woman putting on goggles, she is wearing a T-shirt too. Woman skiing down and crashing into tree. Women jumping into steaming swimming pool. They get out and throw snow balls at each other (they are wearing swimsuits). Cross country skiing, deer in woods, on virgin slopes, off piste skiing, skier pulling himself out of the snow (awfully amusing). Skier speeding down slope. Incompetent skier grabs tree branch and competent skier whizzes between his legs. Slalom, by expert, by beginner who falls, loses spectacles, a ski and attempts to ski. Skiing down slope on a bicycle contraption, now heels just a ski. Ski jumping, successful and unsuccessful jumps (crashes). The professionals do it, high and long.

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