Film: 6987

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Man and woman operate egg-sorting machine. Model of kidneys. Cross-section of real kidney. Model of glomerulus. Filtration model (glass bottle, tube). Man operates gravel-sifter. Scientist works with microscope. Removal of fluid from glomerular cup. Composition chart. Comparison of plasma glomerular filtrate and urine. Model showing re-absorption. Urine and glomerular filtrate on scales to show weight difference. Anesthetized animal (dog?) with catheters inserted into collecting tubules, drops of urine fall into tube. Mercury manometer. Quart of blood withdrawn from animal. Urea injected into animal. Hand squeezes pump which forces blood into removed kidney, urea filters out. Urine-collecting tubes protrude from two anaesthetized dogs. Sugar solution injected into one. Urine tested for sugar. Shot of white horse in field, black bear catching salmon. Proportions of water lost through kidneys demonstrated in chart. Two experimental rats. Kidney removed. Bladder distends. Gyroscope spins.

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