Film: 6994

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Modern office architecture in the 1960s, probably in Sunderland and with the later to be disgraced T. Dan Smith.

Large white office block with many windows , also passing traffic in a busy city street. The same building from a lower angle and around to the side where scaffolding has been erected . Buses move along the street , moving towards and beyond a large white building of a lattice type construction . Exterior close - up of a middle aged man in a grey suit looking around with a cloudy sky behind him . Large building , probably a block of flats , and its surroundings , trees , cars , and people walking by . Two buildings , one looks as if it may be a modern church the other is round and has a subway running underneath it . Interior of one of the two buildings , possibly the round one , there are rows of seats in a half circle with a raised seated platform at the front facing the rows of seats, very much like a council building. Large interior area with a staircase leading to spacious galleries which have some seating in the form of sofas , there is also a large chandelier in the foreground . Staircase and chandelier from a lower position . Interior , what appears to be a large hall with large almost triangular alcoves and large slitted windows , there two large chandeliers suspended from the ceiling . Middle aged man outside round building he stands near a statue of a large human figure which is mounted on the exterior of the building . Close - up of the middle aged mans head looking around , with the sky behind him as before . High view of a town showing the two buildings in their environment , there are trees , some undeveloped land , a busy road with doubledecker buses and cars moving along it . Probably the same town , a mix of modern and older buildings , offices and homes , countryside can be seen in the background . An industrial building and works witch looks like a chemical plant of some kind , there are extensive pipework and smoking chimneys around the building and beyond . Close - up of the same middle aged man as before , he is speaking and has the industrial site behind him . Pipework and large spherical containers which have more pipes and a metal framework around them . Pipes , chimneys and buildings of the industrial works , a large black car drives past a chauffeur can be seen in the drivers seat . Point of view from car of the industrial site the large spherical containers are most in view . Two men one in a suit and one dressed in white overalls and cap examine machinery inside a industrial building . Point of view from car moving alongside the
industrial site with pipework and smoking chimneys in view . A housing estate , people are walking around , there are cars parked in driveways , moves to a different angle a subway and a river can now be seen . Middle aged man looking out from a walkway . People walking along a concrete subway . Large modern house surrounded by shrubs , bushes and short grass . Housing estate , backs of houses and their gardens . Flowerbeds and short grass with houses in the background . Walkway flanked by trees and short grass houses can be seen in the background . Children with a dog play with a ball on the grass at the side of some houses , a window cleaner can be seen nearby . Middle aged man walking in a field that leads onto a housing construction in the background . More fields , with an indistinct background possibly the housing construction . Middle aged man walking through a field past trees and fencing . Rear view of housing estate from the field . Middle aged man at dinner party , men and women are seated around a large dining table , there are arrangements of flowers on the table and around the room , it would appear that they have finished their meal and are deep in conversation . The man walking up an escalator from street level , he stops at a walkway and looks back down to street level , people are shopping . Busy enclosed street lined with shops . Middle aged man talking to shoppers , the group consists of middle aged women , children and teenagers shops can be seen in the background . High view looking down on the man walking through the shopping area until he is out of shot . Close - up of the middle aged man speaking at the dinner party . Dinner party seated around dining table . Close - up of male dinner party guest speaking . Sequence of close - ups of dinner gusets male and female , the middle aged man can be heard speaking in the background . View from over the shoulder of the middle aged man as he speaks to the dinner guests . Point of view , probably from a car , of the housing estate with trees and short grass in the foreground . The middle aged man walking along a country lane , the sound of a cuckoo can be heard . The man seated speaking at the dinner party . Close - ups of the dinner guests both speaking and listening . A man standing in a hall at a public meeting , other people are present but are seated . View from rear of meeting looking towards the front , two men can be seen sitting on a raised seating area as in court , one is a clergyman the other is the middle aged man . Crowd at meeting , close - up of the clergyman . The middle aged man speaking at the meeting , he is standing . The two men sitting on the raised area looking out at the crowd . The crowd from side to rear all are seated . Middle aged man speaking at meeting , standing . Side view of the man standing speaking showing the clergyman who is seated . Crowd listening to middle aged man speaking . View from behind crowd showing the man speaking , he is standing . Exterior of a building showing a paved courtyard with modern sculpture of birds and a modern fountain water feature . Exterior close - up of the middle aged man looking around . The two buildings seen near the start of the film , one round , the other possibly a church . The tower block as shown before , with cars in the street and trees along the side . The middle aged man looking out over the city , showing the variety of buildings and landscape . Exterior close - up of the middle aged man looking around . View reaching beyond the city on into the countryside . Music plays . End

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