Film: 7

Music | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Rolling Stones 1964

Film starts with audience in Kingsway Studios, London. Cut to presenter Cathy McGowan, sitting in shadows on what looks like some stairs. With microphone in hand, she introduces The Rolling Stones, miming to "Off the Hook". The four are on a very small stage, only just higher than the audience, who are very close. Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richard and Bill Wyman stand while Charlie Watts sits at his drums just behind. All wear jackets. Some girls in the audience grab Jagger's hand as he mimes. Jones wears a shirt and tie under his jacket. Richard and Wyman, shirts and Jagger a crew-neck sweater. Close up of Richard pretending to play his guitar. Close up of Wyman, who wears a large ring on his middle finger. At the close of the number, Keith Fordyce, co-compere, interviews Jones with a mike in hand. Jones relates to Fordyce his virus and forthcoming six week break. Fordyce then turns to Jagger and asks him about the recently published book on the Stones. Fordyce then introduces the song "Little Red Rooster" and the group proceed to mime to the record. Richard has changed from an electric to an acoustic guitar. Shot of the audience at the back of the stage clapping along. Shot of Watts on the drums. He wears a checked button-down shirt under his jacket. various camera angles of the group members and audience. Close ups of the faces of Jagger and Richard. Sweat can be seen under Jagger's nostrils. Richard wears a ring on the little finger of his left hand. Jagger uses the harmonica for that part of the song. He has a watch on his left hand and a gold bracelet on his right. At the end of the record, the audience applaud. The camera switches to Keith Fordyce, who alerts us to "Beatles Week" next week before introducing "Around and Around", the Stones' last song. The group proceed to mime to this song. various camera angles of the group miming and the audience swaying along.

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