Film: 7008

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Squadron of 15 Mosquito aircraft and 8 Typhoons attack Nazi prison camp at Amiens, led by Group Captain Charles Pickard who died in the raid with his navigator.

An RAF and Australian air force RAAF joint operation to attack a Nazi prison camp that is going to execute over 100 French patriots for assisting the Allies.
Squadron of Mosquito aircraft led by Group Captain Charles Pickard in Operation Jericho.
Mosquito aircraft escorted by Typhoons fly very low and in close formation over the English Channel in snowy conditions. Map showing location of target prison camp. Model of prison camp showing the 20 foot high wall, the location of the German guards and the location of the French prisoners. View from aircraft of snowy flat countryside and farmland, flying towards the prison. The aircraft flies over the prison and one side of it is on fire, lots of smoke - the RAF Mosquitos hit their target. Still photographs show the damaged prison wall and buildings. Group Captain Pickard was killed in the raid. View of the wreath on his grave. (he was 28)

Army footage about one minute long but too shrunken to view.

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