Film: 7021

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Thriller. Pearl White stars.
Man standing upright holding lamp while in the sewers of Paris. He turns and walks away, he has someone with him. They begin to climb down a ladder. Paoli climbs down into sewer (shot from beneath ground). He hears something and hides. Cut to three people walking towards camera along sewer: two men (one holding a lamp) and a woman. Paoli looks out and then hides again. The three are now much closer. They walk past Paoli's hiding place. Once past he jumps out and attacks one of the men. They struggle. Woman is now on the floor. She is blindfolded and her hands are tied behind her back. Close up of her attempting to undo the knots that bind her with the heels of her shoes. The men are still fighting. The woman gets to her feet. The man with the lantern looks on with boggled eyes. As the men fight one begins to push the other's head towards the water in the sewer. Man with lantern takes out pistol. The woman kicks him and he falls over. The lantern goes out, darkness. Paoli lights taper, the man he was lighting has disappeared. Cut to man that had the lantern running away. Paoli unties woman, they run off together. Lantern man running, couple running (in sewer). The couple climb ladder out of sewer. General street scene, Paris, France, Europe. Cars, a bicycle, a horse drawn cart. Man exits doorway and walks onto street. The man with the bicycle is now fighting and a crowd has gathered. The chauffeur that he was fighting with drives off. Cyclist (a tricycle with a large box stating Blotto in between the two front wheels) stops on roadside, opens box, woman gets out, man and woman talk about the chauffeur and she discovers that the chauffeur is taking someone to Chateau Lorfeuil. Woman gives cyclist money, she turns down her hat and pulls up the collar of the black coat. Attempting to look mysterious. Big man in leather coat approached by woman. Cut to street scene. The chauffeur driven car is seen. Car with caterpillar tracks going up hill, through forest and a river, it drives on to a sandy beach. The woman is driving. These scenes are juxtaposed with shots of the Chauffeur driven car. Caterpillar car crosses road and climbs steep bank. Chauffeur driven car seen passing through village. Man comes through small door in gates, opens them, caterpillar car enters. Woman gets out of car and says that they 'must warn father'. The couple run off to large house. Old man looking out of open window. Woman climbs drain pipe. Old man at desk reading looks up and laughs. Woman reaches balcony, man follows up drain pipe. Woman climbs up to window on the next floor. Cut to man at desk looking through papers. Woman sits on window ledge. From inside can see man at desk and woman looking though window. She opens window, man is startled, she jumps into room, they face each other. She accuses man of stealing his own invention (this, I think, is her father). Man stands and defends himself. He asks why Roger, the man who is in prison for stealing the invention, did not say where he was that night. The woman begins to explain and the story is told by flash-back: Roger knocks on door, is greeted and kisses by woman, he shakes hand of scientist and, returning to the present, the woman says 'At daybreak, the test was completed'. Return to flashback: scientist says 'If it holds for seven days, success is ours. Meanwhile, not a word'. All three place their fingers over their lips indicating silence. Woman shakes scientist's hand, Roger kisses her hand at door and she leaves. Return to present. The man and woman hug, she holds his face, the criminal (man with the lantern) appears at the window, the man and woman leave the room. The criminal enters it. He rummages through things on the desk, picks up box and leaves with it by the window. Policeman unlocking Roger's cell. Roger puts on hat and jacket and exits cell. Woman, father, Roger and scientist all meet up and the bottom of a long flight of stairs. Woman explains that the latter two made the father's invention practical. Scientist nods. Roger asks father for payment. Big man comes to top of stairs with criminal under his arm (he caught him leaving by the window). The big man hands over box and drops the criminal. The End.

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