Film: 7022

Sport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Keep fit with the family, super film about simple exercises posture and strength, resting.
Woman gets out of bed and does stretch exercises to the gramophone. Children in school. Doing exercises during the day. How to stay fit if you do a job on your feet like shop assistant,
Family at home, mother on the sewing machine, children do homework at the table, keep fit display.

A woman in a very luxurious looking bed, rather art deco, she stretches and then hops out of bed in her silk night clothes, which are trousers and a backless top. She runs to the foot of the bed and puts a gramophone on. She starts to do morning callisthenics, lifting her arms high and rotating her body. The exterior of the house, she runs out of the gate and joins up with a man running down the pavement.
An older man hurries by some shop window fronts, in a black over coat and his newspaper in hand. His wife sits at a dining room table, reading her newspaper, she puts it away and takes the tea tray away. The girl and young man run down the sidewalk to the train platform. The train comes puffing into the station. The couple run for the train. They run over the pedestrian walkway over the train and run along it trying to hop in. they find a carriage and sit down relieved. The young man closes the door. The train pulls out of the station.
The father walks into his office and pulls out a handkerchief right away to mop his sweaty brow. He huffs and pulls on his collar. Barbara sits at her desk, slumped over it. Her sister in a classroom slumps over her work as well, and her brother in the boys class. The father slumps over his work as well. He bends over it awkwardly, trying to scratch his foot. The father gets up and walks around, he paces back and forth in his office. The mother's feet walking across the carpet, then the mother dusting the mantel piece, taking each statue or picture frame and wiping it off. Her feet in low heeled shoes, she wiggles and turns her ankles over, she kicks off her shoes. She does foot exercises, rolling her foot outwards and bending her toes. Two boys slouching at school. A boy with a better posture, his hands clasped in front of him. A girl finishes writing, she leans back and stretches her neck. Mother out shopping in high heeled shoes, her purse under her arm, she goes into a shop and then comes out again.
A young man sits at a small table and orders a heavy lunch. Three women sit on stools at the restaurant bar, the bar tender hands Barbara a bill. She gets up and leaves, after only a little to eat.
Her boyfriend works at a shop counter. He stands tall and straight. Close up shots of his lower legs and feet, shoulder width apart and feet flat on the floor.
The two children walk home from school. The girl walks very fast and the boy has a large coat on. Mother gets up from laying the fire. She pulls a chair out, puts a pillow on it and plumps up a pillow on the sofa. In the evening with everyone home. The two children bend over their homework, the father lounges on the sofa, the mother sits at the sewing machine, turning the handle and Barbara helps her brother and sister. The boyfriend walks in a asks people to come for a walk. Barbara is the only one to go, everyone else is lifeless and suffers from lack of energy. 'You are a lazy lot!'
Mother sighs and rubs her arm, she lets them hang down at her sides and rolls her shoulders. A group of men exercising in rows, they all do the same movement. Drill classes, stretching, lots of barrel-chested men, shirtless with short shorts on and white socks. View down onto women rolling onto their backs, their legs in the air and then rolling forwards, makes a circle/ flower shape with all the bodies. View from the front, they lie on their backs with their leg sin the air, doing scissor kicks. They roll onto their fronts, and do back lifts. Again the view from above.

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