Film: 703

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur Home Movie.
A family seaside holiday at Broadstairs, Kent and Bournemouth, Hampshire, nicely shot, on the beach, good material of the towns and promenade,

'Broadstairs again, July 1938, Jennifer's first steps'. Two women in a garden outside a house, a young girl (Jennifer), a girl about two, dressed in a white dress is toddling slowly towards the camera, she has a brush in her hand and is smiling, she falls over, but picks herself up and carries on walking. Jennifer walking again, a woman is kneeling behind her watching her walk.

At the sea side, on beach, a group of children in swimwear and sun hats sit on the beach, Jennifer is sitting in the middle of the circle playing with a spade. Jennifer is splashing her feet in the sea, a woman is standing behind her, holding her hand
in order to keep her balance, a young boy comes into the shot and walks in front of the camera. Jennifer on the beach, walking unassisted. Jennifer playing with a dog on the beach. Jennifer walking on the beach. Jennifer walking towards the dog, which is now sitting down, she bends down to stroke it. Jennifer walking on the beach , walking towards the camera, falls over. She helps herself up and starts walking again, clapping her hands. Two women on the beach watching Jennifer, she is watching the dog run, the camera pans around to reveal a young boy watching the dog and Jennifer. Close up of the young boy, smiling at the camera. A woman holding Jennifer trying to get her to wave at the camera.

On a pathway, Jennifer now dressed in white dress as seen previously, she smiles at the camera. Jennifer walking again on the path, observed by the two women and two young boys , she waves her hands, smiling. One of the women has picked Jennifer up and is standing still looking at the camera, Jennifer gets shy and turns way from the camera.

On the beach, Jennifer still in a dress is playing in the sand. She walks toward the camera to show sand in her hand. The two boys sit in the beach smiling cheekily at he camera, Jennifer is sitting behind them preoccupied with the sand, the boys stand up and walk towards the camera still smiling. The two boys are by the sea building sand castles. The boys are sitting on the beach, with Jennifer sitting in-between them she gets up and walks to the camera. Jennifer playing in the sand with two girls that are older then her ( about eight years old), she picks up a plastic cup and plays with it. The two girls are sitting down, Jennifer is in-between the, playing with a bucket and showing off her newly found cup. Jennifer on the beach in her swimming costume, with a bucket and spade, she walks to the camera with a cheeky grin on her face. Jennifer being carried by a man, she is given a bucket which makes her smile the bucket is taken away, but then the man points to the camera, she reaches out her hand and smiles. A woman is holding Jennifer now, Jennifer waves at the camera.

'David starts with the crawl'. One of the young boys seen earlier is in the sea running ankle deep though the waves. He is now walking through the sea towards the camera, smiling. '-And Johnnie marches on' . One of the boys is standing ankle deep in the water, smiling at the camera, he turns and runs through the waves. The boy is trying to swim in shallow water, splashing his feet at a nearby girl. Boy now wading through the water at waist height, playing with another boy in the sea. A long shot of the sea, the camera pans round to the white cliff prominent behind the beach. Close up of the cliffs and the people playing on he beach in front of the cliffs. Jennifer in swimming costume on the beach , throwing a ball at a man who hits it back to her with a spade. Jennifer walks towards the camera an older girl, wearing a swimming cap, running out of the sea onto the beach. The boys playing in the sea. They run out of the sea, heading towards the beach, one of the boys runs directly towards the camera. The second boy runs to the camera. Both of them running on the beach.

'Mr.Stillman- our guide and philosopher'. Man standing in the doorway of what appears to be a wooden beach hut. 'The maiden from walls ice cream'. A woman in a long white coat, walking along a wooden hut is standing in front of list of ice creams. All the children have towels wrapped around them and are trying to get them selves dry. 'With the Mays . All the children still getting dry, they're all smiling.

'Bournemouth, January 1939' . A shot of lots of people on the promenade, sitting in deckchairs, standing or sitting on the sea wall. Jennifer walking along the promenade with two women holding a spade she drops it then picks it up. Jennifer running down the promenade with spade in her hand. On the beach the two boys and an older girl are building sand castles. Jennifer and three other girls on beach with buckets and spades playing in the sand. Five children jumping in and out of a large sand hole, they run about. Jennifer on beach clapping her hands. Jennifer picks up some sand and tries to eat it, an older girl runs over and tells her off. Jennifer playing in the sand she gets up and runs toward the camera smiling. Jennifer and the two boys running along the promenade together. Jennifer walking along some stone steps, the boys walk in front of her, she walks right to the end of the step. (film finishes abruptly)

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