Film: 7035

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Rin Tin Tin saves the day. A fight breaks out between two men on a ship. A dog helps of them run away but is thrown overboard. The man is then chased by more of the ship's crew. He gets trapped and starts climbing the rigging. The fight continues on the rigging, and both men fall into the water. The dog and the man swim to shore and go to a lighthouse. The dog gets trapped in a room by two men. The man is captured by the men and tied up. A girl who comes to the lighthouse is kidnapped by the two men. The dog and the restrained man manage to light the lighthouse, which warns a nearby navy ship. An old man, presumably a lighthouse keeper, releases the prisoner. The man and the dog then meet two policemen(?) and follow the two men onto a boat. The dog and the man fight the two men who are then apprehended by the navy. A letter tells us that someone is released from the lighthouse service with full pay, it would seem to be the old man. Ends with couple kissing beside the sea.

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