Film: 7036

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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[Continuation of 14793]
Pink: "Oh - you've got a job as a floorwalker!"
Tabor, half-length, smiles and nods.
Pink mimes about the hat. Some women walk R to L in front of the desk, as both are seen in longer shot. Pink beckons to Tabor with a crooked finger.
Tabor smiles and approaches the side of the desk. He speaks to her as she leans on the counter, not seeing the manager approach from behind; the latter drums his fingers on the counter.
Pink taps Tabor's wrist and winks, having seen the manager; she indicates to her right.
Pink: "Booth six, sir."
The three, as Pink sits down meekly before the manager. She winks exaggeratedly at Tabor, and repeats her direction, before smiling sweetly at the manager. The manager looking mildly annoyed. Pink miming deafness, with a hand behind her ear, for the manager's benefit. The manager smiles understandingly.
Manager shouts in Tabor's ear, who jumps out of his skin, dropping his cane on the floor, and turning to the manager. They talk, Tabor bends over to pick up his cane, and the manager escords him off L.
A row of three phone booths, as the manager escorts Tabor into the furthest and closes the door, walking away as Tabor looks after him, bemused; Tabor exits the booth, looking inquiringly at Pink. Pink points and mimes about the phone. Tabor looks at the stairs, points upward, mimes deafness, and shakes his head interrogatively. Pink shakes her head No, and mimes using the phone. Smiling, Tabor offers her a ticket. She shakes her head No, then mimes a routeine of him phoning her, her answering and talking; she looks to see if he's understood. He nods and goes back into the phone booth, closing the door behind. She plugs the phone in, and looks expectantly in his direction. Tabor, leaning on his elbow, chats on the phone. Pink speaks flirtingly. Tabor speaks.
Tabor: "Pink, dear, I love you! Won't you marry me?"
Pink looks like she can't believe what she's heard, reaches up to adjust her headset, then breahtes deeply as she takes it in, smiling and patting her chest as she lovingly replies.
Pink: "YES! Floorwalker or no, I love you!"
He smiles blissfully and replaces the phone, preparing to leave the booth. Pink looks dreamy and blissful, then looks up as he comes over. Tabor approaching Pink and sighing, seen from behind Pink. Pink smiles up at him. He speaks.
Tabor: "Now that you've promised to marry me, I have to tell you that I am Richard Tabor - - ".
He finishes speaking. Pink smiles and chuckles, standing to speak with him. Longer shot of the two at the desk. Close shot of them sepaking, Tabor at L.
Tabor: "- - and we're going right now to the finest modiste shop in town."
Close-up of them speaking, Pink looking a little doubtful, then agreeing. She sits down and removes her headset.
Intertitle: 'Three gowns later.'
Inside the shop, Tabor and Pink centre, the latter in a frilly dress; a shop man at R, a woman assistant at l, who hands Tabor a fur coat for him to help her into. Close shot of Tabor helping her into the coat, then holding her snugly from behind; she stroks the fur (ermine, presumably) and speaks.
Pink: "Oh, Richard, if you'd longed for one of these all your life, you'd realize how happy I am!"
They speak, as he cuddles her, then she spots something and moves to L. The assistant holds a pile of furst, as Pink feels through them, addressing Tabor at R.
Pink: "This is the outfit I want to be married in."
Close-up of Pink and Tabor talking. The assistant shepherds Pink into a changing room, Tabor following, till the shop girl puts up her hand and pushes him back out; he closes the door behind them, as the man goes over to speak with him. Shop man addresses Tabor apologetically.
Shop man: "I loathe anything commercial, sir - - but to whom shall I charge it, to whom?"
Tabor looks away, frowning slightly, then replies.
Tabor: "Richard Tabor. De Luxe Hotel."
Continuing to converse, the shopman writes it down, and walks off R, tabor looking after him, then removing his pince-nez.
The shop man enters his sparsely furnished office - a small 2-drawer desk and chair, in the corner a small armchair with a large unframed picture resting on the seat; against the far wall is some kind of narrow dresser.
Tabor, looking a bit troubled, looks round and puts his pince-nez back on.
Close-up of the shop man, seated, holding a telephone as he casually turns over a folded newspaper with his free hand. Close-up of the newspaper article he sees, complete with photograph: 'RICHARD TABOR, OIL KING ELOPES WITH FLOWER GIRL!" - the picture is of Ermintrude and Hank.
Standing, the man reacts sharply, creasing the paper down its length and tucking it under his arm as he storms to the door.
The shop girl leads Pink out fo the chainging room, Pink posing, hands on hips.
Briefly looking back, the shop man opens the store entrance door and goes out, giving instructions to a commissionaire; car is visible behind them; the commissionaire departs as the manager re-enters.
Inside the shop, Pink rushes over from L and clasps Tabor's hands. Close-up of the two as he holds her in an embrace, as she luxuriates in the fur.
The commissionaire brings in a policemean, in peaked cap, who speaks with the manager, as the latter unfolds the newspaper to show him.
Pink and Tabor, as the shop girl pins an orchid corsage on her; Tabor embraces her.
Pink: "Real Orchids! Real Ermine!"
Close-up featuring Pink talking.
The man and the cop approach them from behind, as the manager points them out to the policeman.
Manager: "Arrest those impostors!"
Pink looks horrified, as Tabor looks indignant. The manager holds out the paper, tapping his finger on the article. Tabor and Pink take it to read. Close-up of the news photo of Hank and Ermintrude, with the caption 'MR. AND MRS. RICHARD TABOR.' Close-up of Tabor looking round angrily. Close-up of Pink looking angry and hurt, addressing Tabor.
Pink: "Oh, why did you do this?"
Tabor, holding onto her arm, is unable to respond before the policeman comes between them.
Close shot of Pink looking shocked.
Tabor addressing the officer.
Tabor: "Don't take her, officer. I'm the only one responsible for this."
The ensemble, as Tabor picks up his hat and cane and is led away by the policeman; Pink rushes round the settee to stop them. She grabs Tabor, who stops, with the cop; she speaks.
Pink: "Couldn't you see it was you I wanted - - not clothes - or money - ".
As they talk, the manager comes and and urges the officer to remove them; he leads Tabor out, Pink hurrying behind. At the exit door, Pink manages to stop them again.
Pink: "I'll find Mr. Tabor - - maybe he'll get you out."
Closer shot of the four, Pink looking miserable.
As Tabor leaves with the officer, the manager pulls Pink sharply back in; she again tries to leave and he pulls her back, fingering at her fur coat and pointing at her hat; looking down at herself, she walks off L with the manager.
The shop, as the manager hustles Pink back into the changing room, sending the assistant in after her. The assistant bustles round Pink, in the changing room, reading for her hat. Close-up of her yanking the hat from Pink's head, Pink looking strung, then shaking her head and pleading with the assistant not to take the fur. The assistant pulls the coat off Pink and throws it behind her; she starts tugging at the frock. Close-up of Pink feeling the dress, and pressing the fine fabric to her cheek; she starts to cry, and blows her nose on the cloth she has in her hand; the assistant smacks her hand away, and Pink looks at the cloth in surprise, putting her hand to her mouth and apologising; she sniffs repeatedly; fade.
Hand and Ermintrude in the hotel foyer, Hank wearing top hat; Ermintrude goes into the dressing room, leaving Hank balancing on one leg, his cane extended for support.
Inside the dressing room, a maid attending to Pink seated on a sofa, as Ermintrude strides in, posing for effect.
Close-up of the mixed-race maid, squatting as she tries to console the tearfull Pink. Close-up of an imperious Ermintrude, in a preposterous hat with wispy feathers sticking out both sides, speaking.
Ermintrude: "You working people are now gazing on Mrs. Richard Tabor."
Close-up of Pink, hankie to face, as she looks up in confusion and resentment. Half-length shot of Ermintrude preening as she speaks.
Ermintrude: "Just step outside and see what Santa Claus brought me!"
Ermintrude poses. Pink exclaims angrily, and stands.
The foyer, as Pink comes out the dressing room and pats the upper arm of the dressy Hank, who turns to look at her.
Pink: "Quick - - your valet's in jail."
Hank looking worried, Pink pushes him off l.
Ermintrude comes out the dressing room and sees what's happening. Her view of Pink hustling Hank through the revolving door. She looks put out, and storms after them, as the mixed race maid looks out of the dressing room door. Ermintrude rushes to the revolving door, as a bellhop comes through it; she waves her hands in frustration.
Looking down at the front of the hotel, as Hank and Pink get in the back of the chauffeur-driven Rolls, which drives off l.
Ermintrude fights her way through the revolving door and its stream of people. The front of the hotel, as she rushes out and speaks to the commissionaire, who hails her a taxi; a Yellow Taxi pulls up.
In the police station, as sergeant sits facing us at a high counter, bracketed by two globular lamps on tall stands, a candlestick telephone at his right; in front of the counter, at L and R, stand the arresting officer and Tabor. Angled shot looking past the officer towards the sergeant and Tabor, the latter still smiling in his top hat, as the sergeant addresses him.
Sergeant: "I've got a hunch you're High Hat Harry - wanted for arson, larceny, bigamy, alimony - - ".
Long shot of the scene in the station - other police officers are seated L and R; high on the wall opposite is a painting of George Washington; Hank and Pink rush in from R and go to the counter.
Closer shot as they reach the desk, going between the officer and Tabor; the latter takes off his hat and smiles as he addresses Hank, who looks pensive.
Hank: "Hank, tell the sergeant who I am."
Pink urges Hank to tell him, as does the sergeant. The longer view, as Ermintrude strides in, hands on hips. Close shot of Ermintrude taking up position beside Hank, who looks sick. Pink and Tabor, as Tabor urges him to answer. Not facing Ermintrude, Hank winks the eye she can't see and replies, stealing another glance at Ermintrude.
Hank: "He's my valet. I'm Richard Tabor."
Pink and Tabor, as the latter exclaims exasperatedly, then goes round Pink to accost Hank. Ermintrude and Hank, as the latter is berated by Tabor waving his cane; Hank winks at Tabor repeatedly.
The officer comes over to escort Tabor L to the cells, Pink hurrying behind. A gaoler takes custody of Tabor, through a door at L, as the officer tries to bar Pink's way - but she ducks under his arm and follows. The jailer locking Tabor in his cell at L, as the officer pulls Pink back at R. The officer pulls Pink back in, gently trying to remonstrate with her.
Inside the cell, in which is nothing but a wood frame bed with thin mattress and pillow; Tabor in his top hat peers out of the bars at R.
The officer urges Pink further into the station reception, and closes the door behind himself. Ermintrude and Hank, as Hank reaches into his breast pocket for the cheque book, takes it out, and passes Ermintrude a cheque, which she looks at.
Hank: "I'll have to get my valet out of this. Run along and buy a pound of jewelry."
looking towards the counter: at R the sergeant is talking to Pink; at L Ermintrude smothers Hank's face with kisses, before strutting off R, delightedly; Hank turns to the sergeant. Closer shot, as Pink addresses the troubled Hank, who in turn speaks with the sergeant; Hank indicates over his shoulder, with his thumb.
Hank: "You see, sergeant - - he is Richard Tabor - ".
Close-up of Pink, vehemently shaking her head as she replies to Hank. A sad Hank, in top hat, answers her.
Hank: "No - I'm the valet."
Pink rolls her head in exasperation, breathes deeply and blows a phew.
Hank shows the cheque book to the sergeant, as Pink quickly turns to the sergeant, interrupting and pointing to the cells, as the sergeant smiles patronisingly; she walks off L in the direction of the cells.
The jailer, with his big keyring, holding open the door to the cells, as Pink approaches from R, past the officer; touching the keys, she asks a favour of the jailer.
Pink stands facing us directly beside the cell bars, through which Tabor addresses her; she gives him an evasive look. Close-up of Tabor through the bars, talking and gesticulating. Close-up of Pink laughing. With difficulty, they kiss through the bars.
Intertitle: 'Oklahoma Bound'.
Pink and Tabor in a two-seater convertible, driving Ro to L, talking; Tabor in driving cap. Behind them are Ermintrude and Hank, in a cheap open-top two-seater, a huge pile of luggage tied on with rope at the back. Close frontal shot of Ermintrude and Hank arguing as they drive; Hank is in overcoat, bow tie and driving cap. Close frontal shot of Pink and Tabor; Pink is driving the right-hand drive car; Tabor has his arm close round her, and she embraces him lovingly; they get caught up in their rapture, gazing into each other's eyes, until Pink suddenly realizes she's supposed to be driving, and anxiously grabs the wheel, as does Tabor.

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