Film: 7040

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Mute | B/W


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With: Jeanette Loff, Eddie Foy Jr., James Bartis, Arthur Houseman. Comic feature, much slapstick. Eddie Foy is just married but he cannot be alone with his wife on their wedding night. Bride and groom emerge from a church. Vicar or priest stands behind them as they descend into a crowd who are throwing confetti. Man in suit throwing confetti takes a dislike to the cigar he is smoking and throws it on the ground. Unfortunately it lands on the bride's train. Bride and groom get into waiting car. Small boy in crowd, wearing sailor's outfit, picks up old, muddy boot that happens to have been left in a puddle. Groom thanks the revellers from the car window, boy throws boot, hits groom in the face. He now has a muddy face. Bride and groom are now being driven away from church. Interior shot of them in the car about to kiss. The smoke from the bride's train attracts both their attentions and the train is shown in close up, burning. It, and the rest of her dress is thrown out of the moving cars window. It lands on a policeman riding a motor bike who veers off the road and is dumped into a fountain when the motor bike hits the wall. The bride and groom arrive outside their apartment block. Once inside they begin to kiss but are disturbed by party goers who are hidden all round the room. The refrigerator is emptied and the uninvited guests sit down to a meal. There is a knock at the door and a man in nightshirt and dressing gown asks for some quiet so he can get some sleep. The revellers leave. The bride and groom are now dressed for bed. They go to kiss but are disturbed by another knock on the door. When the door is opened Benny enters. a large man dressed as a sailor. The two men hug, Benny calls out the window to the sailors that he had left in the car. They enter, eat the food left by the revellers and they leave but Benny remains. He goes into the bathroom, slips on a bar of soap and falls into a full bath. The displaced water begins to drip through onto a man asleep in the apartment below. The drip turns into a torrent, the man gets up and complains to the groom, hits him, shouts and then leaves. The bride conforts him, Benny appears in bride's fluffy dressing gown. He is told to take it off so he goes back into the bathroom. However, he again slips on the soap, lands on the weakened floor sending a shower of plaster on the sleeping man below. Benny settles on the settee in the bride's dressing gown. A massive animated mosquito is shown to be in his hat. It bites Benny on the toe which throbs. Benny tries to kill the bug by standing on a cabinet and using a box to swat it. However, he misses the bug and falls through a wooden partition and into the newly weds' bedroom. More plaster falls on the man sleeping below. Benny explains that he was attempting to swat a bug. It is now on the front door and the groom picks up a lamp stand and attempts to swat it. Just as he does the angry man from below enters only to be hit by the lamp stand. The angry man is stung by the bug. He bounces down the stairs in order to ease the shock. Inside the apartment Benny and the bride and groom are attempting to kill the bug. They hit each other and then Benny calls the sailors in to help. Eventually the bug exits via a window but only to muster reinforcements. They enter the apartment via the telecom system. The sailors leave quickly. The angry man reappears in a suit of armour. All the bugs fly into it, the groom shuts the visor so they cannnot escape. The angry man is stung, runs into the bedroom and feathers from pillows are strewn everywhere.

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