Film: 7042

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Girl waters flower with hose. She sits at a table in the garden with another girl and accidentally sprays water into her suitor's face. The girl and the man walk off together. Harold Lloyd sits daydreaming at a desk in an office, his colleagues tell him to get on with his work. He looks out of the window and sees a girl in a boat. He opens the sash window and tears up the papers he is holding. His colleagues get angry with him and tell him to return to work. He keeps looking towards the window and sighing happily. Two men argue on a park bench, one punches the other. HL keeps taking his hat off the coat stand to leave but his colleague keeps putting it back. He eventually takes off two hats and when his colleague removes one he puts on the other and leaves the office. He goes to the park. Chase round bushes. Cafe. People in the garden.

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